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Happy to be back!

Cindy RN

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This is the first time back in along time. I have had computer problems and didn't really get them fixed till the last month. I am doing well, I have read tons of updates on here and most I remember are still here!!!! That was good news. I finished up the radiation tx. in April and am still on the chemo-Carboplastin and VP-16. I am not sure how it is working, I have a CT at the end of the month. I am more short of breath than before the radiation but the Dr said it is probably due to the radiation. I did finally quit my job. They really need someone who can work the full 12 hr shifts. Oh well, I can watch ER on TNT every morning-HA. I will check in daily again. Hope to catch up on the news. I looked at some of the new forums. You all have done a great job on here.

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Cindy, May I be one of the firsts to welcome you back! Computers—the bane of our existance and the reason for our existance (at least me. I work on a computer all day) Glad your computer problems have been resolved.

Here's hoping your CT will show positive results!


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Dear Cindy RN,

WOW, WELCOME BACK!! Boy, it's true about people worried about you!

Glad to hear your doing okay! I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers for you CT scan the end of the month. Keep an EYE on that shortness of breath though. Could turn into Radiation Pneumonitis!

Sorry to hear you had to quit your job, but I'm sure it's for the best JUST FOR NOW that is!!! Beside, you can watch ER and tell them all the stuff they are doing wrong and you won't even get in trouble for doing that!! :lol:

Welcome back, so GOOD to hear from you!

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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WOW! I guess it is not a good thing to disappear on these boards!! My family knows I get on here so if I can not get to the computer they can. I really am felling good. Treatments are 3 days then off til the next month. They just make me tired for the first week then I am back to being awake all day again. There are so many places to post now, I will never get caught up. I have not seen Dr Sam on tho. I think that is his name. It is soooooo good to see all of your pics. I will get my husband to load mine, or maybe my baby Roxy-She is cuter than me :shock:

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Dear Cindy,

I was one of the people that posted "Where the HE-- is Cindy"

Please, if your puter is down, get someone to update us, we worry.

How is your leg?

Retirement might be wonderful - time now to do all the things you just wished you had the time to do.


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