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I'm back - poorer and richer


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My daughters, nieces and I had a wonderful weekend at my niece's vaca home in the PA mountains. Friends are great, but family is 'greatest'.

My one sister died of throat cancer in 1993 and my other sister died of throat cancer in 2004. So there were a lot of tears and laughs as we remembered my sisters, their mothers, and my darling Earl.

We went to the outlet stores in Haggerstown MD on Sat. And trust me, we shopped til we dropped (thank you for the hall pass shapped like a shopping bag Ry, I needed it for some of my purchases). Great stores, great deals. Got a suede jacket at the Wilson Leather outlet for $30. WOW. (Got too many other things too.)

All in all it was a very good time. BTW, there was a bottomless pitcher of Cosmos but we all figured since there was cranberry juice in them, they were probably healthy for you.

It looks like there was no bad news while I was gone and I am so glad. I missed you all and am glad to be back.

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Got a suede jacket at the Wilson Leather outlet for $30. WOW.

Yowza....that is some deal!!!!!!!! :shock:

Welcome back, Ginny. I'm glad you had such a good time with family but am happier still to have you back! And I agree about the cranberry juice. How could ANYTHING with juice in it possibly be bad for you? :roll::wink:

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Nothing better than mountains and "cranberry juice" to lift the spirits. We have a cabin in the Chambersburg/Gettsburg area - no place better to relax and get your mind straight. I'm happy to hear you had a good time. I'm sure your family is giving you lots of support and comfort.


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I'm glad you were responsible and only did healthy things while with "the girls"! The ol' sweatlodge in the woods to cleanse the soul....oh, wait, that's the "manly" way - ya'll went shoppin' and drank KoolAid... :wink:

Keep hangin' on, Ginny.



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Man, there's an OUTLET mall in Hagerstown? How come I never knew about that? The band Dave used to play in full time had a gig in Hagerstown every now and then and I'd go up for the weekend (it was a week long gig in some cheesey lounge). If I'd known about the outlet mall I'd been there, ha!

Sounds like a great time - what's in a cosmo?


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