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Brain in a basket time


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Hi all,

Had my bone scan on 9/29 and my brain MRI yesterday; will see onc on Friday for results. I'm thinking the bone scan must have been ok, or I would have been notified (positive thinking, right?).

We all know how stressful waiting on results can be; for me, it has been the worst aspect so far in this journey I've been on.

I'd appreciate some good thoughts if any can be spared :)

Keeping everything crossed,


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You've got 'em, Mary.....TONS of good thoughts that results will be good news!

I know the wait can be stressful...and sometimes I wonder why the wait has to be several days or a week! I just had my first scan last Monday...and set up the apptmt. with my onc for Friday. Then I thought, "Why wait that long?"...and rescheduled the onc apptmt for Wednesday...only two days after the scan.

My onc had the results by Wednesday! And even IF the written report wasn't quite ready, I've been told (by a radiation tech) that if the doctor CALLS the radiologist, he can get a verbal report!!

I figured for those two days, I could manage to keep myself busy and stress free as I waited for results...but I think we're perfectly entitled to expect quicker results and reports when it's test time! Whatever it takes to get those answers sooner...I'm willing to push for it!

Do let us know when you get your results...but you've got all my most positive thoughts winging your way!

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I have an appointment tomorrow and will be having scans ordered and I have been in the panic, worry mode since I made the appointment! I switched to a PCP that has a Cat Scan and MRI right in the building, hoping that will save some worry time. I forgot to find out if they have someone who can read them right there, too!!! I think they do. I hope I like this new Dr well enough to have made the switch. I didn't really pick her, she was the first available-both of my choices were no longer taking new patients. So really, I just picked a building, lol.

Ok, you can see that I am rambling, which just means I am in a worry mode.

I will send you whatever non-worried thoughts I can muster!

love and fortitude


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Hey....Elaine.....my positive thoughts go out for you too! But sheesh, girl....don't start worryin' YET...it's WAY too early! :roll::wink:

If you're going for tests on Wednesday, then tell yourself you can't and won't even START worrying till Friday! Meanwhile, maybe you'll get your results by Friday if everything is in the same building!

My onc's offices are in the hospital and I had my scan and MRI there too....so all the info is available right on the hospital computer. It streamlines things. Maybe it's the same in your building..and you can surely call and ask about that. Ask too, if the doc can call for a verbal report.

Wishing you luck...and keep busy and try NOT to focus on the worries. I just sort of mentally postponed any concerns....and by the time I got my results, I realized I hadn't really spent any real time in angst. That's a good thing! Think positively. There'll be enough time to worry later IF you have to, is the way I look at it. So why worry now and waste today in worry....IF there is no reason for it?

I'm sending both you and Mary, happy, stress-free vibes to see you thru to the results, and I'm sending GOOD NEWS VIBES for the results themselves~! :)

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Cat and Mary Ann--

I guess you have to find what work best for you; I sliced my pinky on a pop-top a number of months ago.

The doc in the ER asked if my injury was from a) cutting a bagel (a popular injury in New York City) B) one of those fancy vegetable slicers or c) a can lid. They see so many injuries from each--they like to keep informal stats.

I had just started a unit on ancient Egypt with my kids (students) at the time--they nick-named my pinky, "Ms. Carley's tiny mummy" and decorated the wrapping. :wink:


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