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Mom is with Jesus


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I write this evening to say that my mother and best friend, passed into the Lord's hands on Oct. 6, 2004. I miss her so much! My dad is so alone! I worry about him, and how he will get through all this. She had a wonderful day the 5th at the hospital; talking and joking with us, she prayed for US and our family members who smoke. She never prayed once for herself. My mom never never knew a stranger and never made an enemy, and would give the shirt off her back to help someone in need. She was everything I hope one day to be: A great mother, an always understanding friend, and the best wife ever. I know that my life will go on, but she was my father's life, and I ask that you PLEASE pray for the Lord to give him the strength, and faith to get through this. I know that she is smiling down on us right now, probably saying, "Hah, hah, I beat you here first!" That was her kind of sense of humor. :) I love you mommy, and I'll not say good-bye, but see you later, and save me a place!

I will continue to be here for any kind of support I can offer to anyone here. My mother is gone, but the crusade continues. I'll always be here for you all with my heart and prayers; that's what my mom would have done.

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So very sorry, Kim. I will be keeping both you and your father in my thoughts and prayers. I know what pain you are all going through right now but i can especially relate to the lonliness he must be feeling!

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