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Update and Hall Pass needed


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Hi all!

I thought it was time for an update from me. As you recall I was having daily low grade fevers. It went on for a month and I still get one or two a week. Onc, Rad. Onc, both said not an everyday side effect, but not a problem unless it got over 100.5. Reg Doc said I must have a lot of small infecions and the body is fighting them naturally and that it was not a bad thing. Of course he didn't have to be miserable all the time did he? Any how, they have tapered off, the Rad. Onc feels he killed the tumor on my spinal cord off as my response was so good and sent me back to the regular Onc. He said I am back in remission and we are in a watch and wait mode!! Yippee!!

I need a hall pass for the next week as I am going up to Ann Arbor, Michigan to visit friends for the next week. A real vacation, I am so excited! I haven't been back to Michigan since 1987, so it will be fun to see all the changes!

I read every day and am always cheering us all on and praying for us all as well! Hope all of you have Happy Dance Days galore!




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Hey Betty!

Good news.

Good news.

And more good news... boy was THAT fun!!

I am not authorized to grant any "hall passes", but I will slip a yellow one under the door for you, just in case you get stopped by the hall monitor...

Enjoy your trip...you definitely have earned it.

Cindi o'h

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A REAL VACATION!!! Wow! Send your hall pass to me when you get back - I want one of those, too!

So glad to hear you're doing so well. My husband had an unexplained fever for several weeks when he was on chemo and radiation. His fever got as high as 101+ several times. He took Levaquin (sp?), Tylenol every 4 hours, and it just wouldn't go away. They hospitalized him, did blood test, blood cultures, the WORKS, and never did figure out what was causing it. It finally just quit! Very weird!

Here's praying yours will just quit, too!!

Have a good time!



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I am back and I had a wonderful time! Got to visit lots of old places filled with good memories, went out to dinner to much, and spent lots of time laughing with old friends! All in all a great trip.

Ry, sorry I did not see your post, or I would have reponded, I had time on Tuesday, but the site was having issues on the day I left and I never got back on to see replies. Maybe next time I go up there. Heres the Blue and Gold hall pass back, I think it helped the Wolverines win on Saturday, it was a good game!

Anyway gload to be back, but 247 new posts yikes!!

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