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Clean scan


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Had clean CT scan and brain MRI Mon. :lol::lol::lol::lol:

The only bad thing I had to go back on steriods for the post PCI syndrome: lack of cordination like walking backwards and sideways, unable to say coherent sentences, minor details. I still have this thrust, for a month now and am taking everything to get rid of. I've lost abouyt 15lb because nothing taste good. Driving my husband crazy. But if that's my only problem, I should overcome that !!!

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Hi, Hopeful! Great news on the scans! May you have many many more good news. Lucie had thrush in the mouth and took two different "cocktail" mixes for it, which worked for her. I have no idea what is in those things. Now that she is off chemo, that is not a problem. Hang in there! Don

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