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cindi o'h

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Do you still get shortness of breath?

Can you make the bed in 15 minutes without having to take too many breaks?

Can you climb more than one flight of stairs without getting winded?

Can you take a shower and dry off without having to sit down?

Can you start your day at 6:30A and not feel like you need a nap by lunch time?

Can you stay awake to watch anything that runs later than 10:00P?

Those are all things that I cannot do, almost two years out myself...

So, I guess crappy fits, with some really sh*tty overtones... :wink:

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Most of the time when I'm very short of breath I think about the time I answered the phone and couldn't speak because I was breathing so hard and I just could not recover...after almost a minute of this the guy on the other end (a stranger) said, "Take your time...this is the most excitement I've had in years." which set off laughter which left me gasping. I still laugh over that one.

I feel pretty rotten....it's the new normal....and as long as it doesn't get any worse I will adjust to it....and do everything in my power to find a way to live well.


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I guess us guys aren't that much different that the girls.It's been almost a year since chemo and radiation,& almost 18 mos. since surgery and I force myself to go,but don't go long at one time.( feel crappy alot ).

Mabe it's the cold weather,or the heat,or the humidity.Or mabe it is just the new normal we all refer to.But I have to admit I would rather have a good day than a bad one- - -I would rather have a bad day than no day at all.

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Yea; Im just 5 mos. out...still trying to expand lung capacity and build up my upper body strength again. Still sleeping in my chair, dont sleep welll, anxiety, depression.

I remember the famous words my surgeon uttered; "There are a lot of ppl running around with one lung out there, and theyre doin just fine." Yea, right....first of all theyre not 'running" around, and theyre 'doin jus fine" if theyre relaxing in the recliner.....anything more, like a shower, is an exhausting excersise. I guess its easy for him to say....Im not sure they realize how disabling losing a lung can be. sigh.

Most of my pain is down considerably now, but I find every little chore I used to knock off in 30 mins., now takes all afternoon, If I can do it, lift it, at all. So I guess it IS the new norm....dont think it gets much better from here, so trying to accept my limitations and jus do a lot less, and accept more help,. heh...but, youre right of course., it feels like crap...

Rich B.

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I'll have to say that I am in the same boat as most of you. I can get dressed, go to church, come home and take a nap. Then fix or go get supper, watch tv, and get on the computer...then I go back to bed. Bedtime can be anywhere from 8 to 12 hours. Less, and I need a nap very soon. I wash clothes, work by phone, cook sometimes, participate in the bell choir at church, visit with family and sleep. :oops: And yes, I get short of breath doing most chores. Its the new normal for me and I am adjusting to it. About one to three times a week I walk for a while....which means 5 or 10 minutes. That's about it for exercise. I am told I would feel much better if I did more of it and I am sure I would. The thing is, I just don't feel like doing it in the first place.

Fay, you make me laugh out loud. What a phone call huh? I finished my radiation last Sept...2003. So I am well over a year since treatment and still feel this way. I get way too much bronchitis but I have learned to go to the doctor fairly early now. Start using my inhalers regularly and rest more when I feel it coming on.

I just reread what I have typed and I sound like a read b*tch but I guess that's par for the course. :wink:

As Tbone would say, Praying for us all.


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How interesting that this topic came up, because my husband has been feeling pretty 'crappy' for a while now. He walks like a turtle (has back pain) and spends much time in his chair. He is keeping up with loading the wood stove which is downstairs, but I have to carry the wood in for him and he loads it while sitting in front of the stove. We find out the results of his cat scan on Tuesday, and boy am I apprehensive. I see some folks who posted above continue to be stable yet are still feeling 'crappy'. Well, anyway, I'll share your information with him and he won't feel like he's alone, anyway.

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i am doing my best to improve my stamina

i excercise even if i get out of breath or weeze

i think keeping active has saved my sanity and given me more energy

i walk,do yoga, i am starting a new excercise program to help strengthen my bones ( i was just diagnosed with oseopenia (sp)) and ride my horse 5 days a week weather permiting. do i get tiered yes sometimes. i just listen to my body and rest when i feel i need to . i try not to take naps during the day but i can sleep 9 hours or more (not straight thru i wake up 2 to 3 times a nite not because of anything in particular i just wake up)

remember the guy on the dirt bike how well he is doing and just won some bike riding competition? i dont remember his name but i find all my inspiration from him.

i think ya gotta push yourself a little to gain fitness and stamina

just listen to your body.........

thats all for now gotta go to work

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Take heart!

I started feeling a little better a little longer at a time, starting at about 1 1/2 - 2 years. Over the next two years I got sick less, and didn't get hit as hard when I did. I haven't had to take prednisone for reactive inflamed airways for over a year now. I am no longer sleeping 10-12 hours a day.

I still get SOB pretty easily, and I guess I have reduced my housework ambitions to match my abilities more, but the lows aren't anywhere near as low, nor as long as they used to be, and the highs are higher and longer than they were two years ago.

Yes, its slow, and no, I don't think I'll ever get the old normal back.

BUT: I'm in good enough shape to get most things done, to work, to shop and cook, to get the kids to their activities, keep a roof over my head and all that. My attitude is MUCH better than at one year and two years out.

It does get better, just slowly.

Prayers always,



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