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Kasey's surgery


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I just spoke with kasey's husband on the phone, and the tumor is out!! She still is in surgery, but Dr. Shrump was able to successfully dissect out the veins and nerves. I'll know more tomorrow.

Thank heaven, after she was told by Fox Chase, no less, she was inoperable .

Thank you, Dr. Schrump!

Better living through 21st century science....

Prayers always,



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Thanks for letting us know how she is, MaryAnn. And thanks for letting her know that just because one facility won't do surgery doesn't mean another facility will turn her down. Remember everyone....first, second, third, and however many opinions it takes to feel comfortable with the decision you will make regarding your treatment and your life.

Tell her that I hope her recover is speedy and so uncomplicated it's down right boring to hear about it!

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