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The slacker


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He never takes out the trash.

Never does the laundry.

Never offers to cook or help clean up.

Won't warm up the car for me on cold mornings.

But he does one wonderful thing that trumps all that -- keeps me well! NED is still with me! Yay!!

Scan results were great -- everything in there is the same as last time, smaller, or gone! The doc says we should go for boring now -- boring in that every scan from now on shows the same, smaller, or gone, until the one that shows nothing at all! Sounds like a plan!

Labs & BP were completely normal. No rattles or noises at all in my chest -- only the slight wheeze at the bottom of my windpipe that is from the original tumor damage and subsequent radiation. It is SO much better than last time, and she said she can't hear a thing inside my chest now. (The Oct. 2004 visit was grim, in that my chest was really rattling, there was *that spot* on my right lung, etc., and now that's all gone!)

First one down. Back in 6 wks for a chest x-ray, then another 6 wks and a CT scan, and will probably repeat that schedule through the end of the year, barring any changes.

But NED the slacker can stay and stay and stay. I'm ok with the laundry and cooking and whatever -- he's da man, even if I share him with lots of other people!

Another thanks to you all as well for your support and words of encouragement. You guys are the best.


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Yup....in this context....boring is WONDERFUL....eh? :wink:

Glad that all is looking good, Di.....and looking forward to you keeping it that way! 8)

Here's to gooey cheeseburgers (as opposed to cheesebugers, right Ry? :shock: ) and how about some good, ol Texas cheese fries??? Nummmmmmmmm!!

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I am so glad you have gotten some male companionship. NED is a very nice guy. You right though, he is a typical man and doesn't help around the house at all. But the good news is that when you have NED you have more energy to do all that.

I am very happy for you Di.


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