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Thank you Peggy and Amy :) You are too kind, my dad would offer to buy you glasses :D

The photographer did a great job--the pic was taken a year ago, one week before our wedding. It was our engagement picture part of the photographer package which was never done b/c my mom got diagnosed and I was in no mood for a picture. :) I purposefully stood behind Brian so as to avoid any body shot :idea:

I figured if I posted our pictures, people would see how malnutritioned we loook and send us recipes to fatten us up some more!!! Hahahaahaha.

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:oops: Thank you. This is embarassing. Although I do have to say, it is one of my favorite pics, my mom and I like it better than my wedding picture b/c it is more us. Casual :)

I am going home soon. I get to leave work soon! Yay!!

DON'T FORGET TO SEND ME RECIPES!!!!!!! I already need to go grocery shopping to try some out that I got :D

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That's a lovely picture. Quit giving yourself such a hard time over your weight. You aren't that heavy. Anybody that says it is child abuse to have kids when you are overweight is a jerk!

You need to be thinking happy, positive thoughts not always putting yourself down. I know because I do it all the time, too. So.....STOP IT BOTH OF US! LOL!!

Life is too short. Let's BE HAPPY!!!! Take care.

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Thanks :) I sometimes do think happy positive thoughts. For instance I know how lucky I am to have my head of hair :)

Although I was just told by my paralegal I need to state 5 positive thoughts a day b/c I tend to be a little negative and gloomy, so it is funny you said that.

And just as an aside, for anyone reading, if you are contemplating a mortgage and apply on line, you probably don't want to give your home phone number because you WILL get 2-3 calls a day :twisted: Heehee.

Is it time to go home yet?

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