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2nd vaccine today


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Hi all,

Well, two weeks have gone by and the 2nd vaccine will be given to me today.

I am praying that it works and that its not quite as stressful a procedure as the first time. I've been holding up okay, but my appetite is really gone. I think it's from either the pain meds I'm on (oxycontin) or the injections I have to give myself for this clinical trial (leukine). Anybody have any suggestions? Yesterday I ate 3 bites of a baked potato and had to force myself to eat that.

Hugs to you all,


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Eat as much as you can and then drink a can of Ensure or a glass of Carnation Instant Breakfast if you can't finish your meal. At least you'll have something in your stomach and get some nutrition. Good luck with the trial. Wishing you all the best.

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When the appetite goes that is tough. Now you need some mothering. Dear, you MUST eat. This is your priority. You cannot go through all of this and not eat something. Even just little bites of little things. Not a meal. Just some bites of crackers, or vegies, or canned peaches from the cold fridge. Just have little bites of things. And then a couple sips of ensure. Even if you don't feel like eating now, this will ensure that you will have days when you will feel like it again. C'mon now, eat just a little..


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this is from a book called Cancer Survival Cookbook...

"you may be just temorarily not inerested in eating. Try to take advantage of times when food tastes good and eat to your maximum. Eat small amont of appealing foods frequenly throughout the day. Become a grazer. Do not expect to eat regular size meals.

It may help you to eat by the clock. Set the clock for every 2 to 4 hours and eat a small snack even if you are not hungry.

Keep snacks handy for nibbling. Make it easy to snack at any time. Carry a snack pack of easy-to-eat nibbles in your pocket or purse. Ideas for you snack pack include granola, nuts, pretzels, dried fruit, crackers with chesse or peanut butter, bite-size candy, or homemade trail mix.

Eat foods you really like during periods when you aren't very hungry.

Eat a snack before going to bed in addition to other meals.

Weigh youself every three or four days to make sure your weight remains stable.

Select foods that remind you fo happy times. Most of us have special comfort foods that cheer us up, like mashed potaoes or meat loaf. Select those foods frequently. Some people feel find they can eat more if they choose foods they liked as children.

Increase or decrease the seasonings and flavorings of your food to accommodate any taste changes you may be experiencing.

Try to make meal time enjoyable with an attractive setting and colorful, tasty foods.

Drink a glass of wine or beer before meals. This often stimulates the appetite. (Check with your physician to make sure small amounts of alcohol are OK. )

Use a plate that is larger than needed and put small portions on the plate. That way the amount of food that you need to eat does not look so overwhelming!

Try changing the time, place and surroundings of meals. Eat with others or watch your favorite TV program while you eat.

Create a mealtime atmosphere that is relaxed and unhurried.

If this is a time when you really do not enjoy eating, you may wnat to concentrate on eating and drinking just for the nutritional value of the food."

Remember to concentrate on the nutritional value of the food. Even if your body does not feel like it wants to eat, your body needs nutrition to fight the cancer!


Cindi o'h

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Hi Cathy,

Praying your treatment went well today and

you are feeling better. I wish I could help about not

being able to eat. Maybe you could take 1mg or 1/2mg of a

steroid to boost your appetite. It's worth asking the doctor or

doctors'. Please keep us posted.

God bless, prayers and gentle hugs,


PS- I called and left a message on your AM.

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Dear Cathy,

I hope the second vaccine is easy on you and that you will find your appetite returning. Can't improve on Cindi's suggestions -- just try to keep your strength up and eat what and when you can.

Keeping everything crossed for you,


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You have to MAKE yourself eat. Even if it's only a few bites of food. I got by on bites of plain baked chicken, plain tuna, saltine crackers. I couldn't handle Ensure, but I could drink small amounts of Boost. I ran it in the blender with ice to help make it more palatable. I know its hard to force feed yourself, but you can do it. Just take it very small and slow. And make sure you get enough water. The crushed ice in the Boost will help a little in that.

You hang in there, Cathy.

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PS to the above:

Mix half cottage cheese with half steamed rice. Sounds terrible, but it is actually very easy on the stomach, and is nearly complete nutrition in an easily digested form.

If you aren't strong enough to do the cooking for yourself then canned chicken and tuna (I say canned because it's the most bland) may be something to try.

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