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Friday Five, 3/11/05


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2) Income tax return arrived, will be able to buy food this month!

3) Heard I "interviewed well" at Tuesday's interview

4) My pants fit this morning with minimal "juggling".

5) Plans with my two favorite guys, it's "Family Night" because I was sick Wednesday when we normally plan "Family Night"...

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5. I got dumped last night but am okay.

4. Katie is going on vacation with my parents so I get a week to study.

3. It was light out for the first time when I left for school ... does that mean the pool will be warm soon?

2. I did better than I expected on my stats test yesterday.

1. Spring break starts in three hours.


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1) Tax Refund, Pay Check AND Bonus all were deposited today, WOOHOO

2) Friends coming over tomorrow night to celebrate Hubby's birthday

3) My Parents that love me and my kids and hubby

4) My Father-in-Law who is an amazing man and loves me like I am his own

5) My new haircut and color

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Five for Friday:

1. A wonderful dinner with my oldest and dearest friend last night

2. A romantic dinner planned with my hubby tonight

3. A sunny day, with NO wind or snow!!!

4. My mom calling this morning, just to say 'hi'

5. A boss who is still on vacation :lol:

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1. My husband was told yesterday by his best friend / forman that a nice

raise was coming his way. :D

2. I just spent the last hour talking with my sister Connie in Vegas.

3. We are sapose to get up to 3 inches of snow tonight. Not popular I

know but, I just love snow plus hubby makes good money removing


4. Its Friday and payday and me and hubby { Dave } always do

something special on Friday's.

5. I was carded yesterday when purchasing beer. :wink: His after

comment was abit embarrising. He said aloud with many other

customers in line. I have never seen anyone born in the 60's look so

young. :oops: It was a compliment yet I did not want my age

announced to everyone in the store. :roll:

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This is so important to find the joy in each day. I just heard this morning that a friend's husband died yesterday from pancreatic cancer, so looking for the joy among the sorrow is very important.

1. Discounted vases for centerpieces for my Woman's Club luncheon.

2. Return back from accountant showing a refund.

3. Very hungry goldfinches. Have to fill feeder for second time today.

4. Dinner tonight with friends from high school and yes we all are still allowed to drive.

5. You guys.

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