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5 for 3/16


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1.) At least I didn't sew into the bone - only went through flesh.

2.) Won 2 hams at the American Legion ham raffle last night. Got to do a good deed while winning something good to eat. You can't beat that!

3.) We sold out of tickets for our annual chili burn off for Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital - Great!

4.) At least I only have to replace about 1/2 yard of fabric. Thank God I wasn't working on one of the long pieces when I had what we'll forevermore refer to as "My Goober Moment!".

5.) Peroxide & Neo-Sporin are really good things! No infection for me, no siree!

Ok, I know it's not up to my usual par. All things considered, I think I did fairly well. I did find some bright spots in this mess (other than blood).


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1) Week will be half over at lunch time

2) My desk should be MY DESK at the new job today so I'll know what I need to move and what I won't have to move...

3) Survivor is on tonight (don't forget that, it's on Wednesday tonight and next week)

4) Dinner with my parents Thursday (invited for corned beef and cabbage feast on St. Paddy's day)

5) It WAS allergies, went to bed early last night, slept through the night - today is third day on allergy medication and I can BREATHE!

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1. That Becky said survivor would be aired tonight instead of Thursday.

2. For having really good kids. Each one of there smiles brighten my day.

3. Kevin Costner has a new movie coming out soon. :wink:

4. My son Keith found a job and starts Monday.

5. Mr. Maschino my teacher from high school. He always believed in me

and taught me to believe in myself.

OOPS :oops::oops::oops: Think I need to change my # 1 answer.

Today is my 20th anniversary. Did not realize until I just seen the date

on my computer clock. I do not feel to bad though called to wish hubby

a happy anniversary and he forgot it to. :oops: This is the first time we

have forgot and the 20th you would think we would remember. :oops:

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1. 5 day forecast mentions the numbers 50. YEAH

2. Crossing off 'to do's' on my looooooooong list.

3. Becky, for reminding us about Survivor.

4. My sister-in-law Sandy who I really think of as a sister.

5. My adorable grandson Jack who is 2 today. He calls a train a shoo shoo. I love it.

P.S. Not happy about who got kicked off Amazing Race last night, oh well.

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1) whew! I wouldn't have known that Suvivor was changed to tonight had I not been a lc survivor myself. Boy! Am I ever glad that I got lung cancer! :D

2) sun is shining and cardinals are singing...oooohhh I just love em.

3) I am so excited about Melanie's attitude toward her lc and her life in general.. I have a very big feeling that this will take her far!

4)My buddy, Joe, got some very good news regarding his heart cancer. He gets to have a chemo vacation very soon. His victory is my victory.

5) I got up early today and had puppy dog tails right out of the oven at Isles buns and coffee. Life is good.

Cindi o'h

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their buns are so huge there, that they will feed three or four for breakfast. They make these little 5" strips versions of cinnamon buns and twist them and call them puppy dog tails. I get two of these and scoop me up some cream cheese frosting and dip them in there. They are so delicious. They are better than the cinnamon buns for some reason...maybe the name?

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1. I am finally caught up on housework

2. The play my daughter was in is over and she did great. Her talent show is next week so rehearsals are coming to an end.... just dance recitals and choir concerts to go

3. Warm blankets

4. Good friends online

5. Cell phones

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Really had to think about this today, but did come up with some things.

My Dog Dagwood, who, even as we speak is begging for swiss cheese. Always the begger!

All my wonderful friends on line here who listen to my troubles.

Having all the ingredients in my house for Irish Soda Bread for tomorrow.

Having the ability to MAKE soda bread!

God , who I know is with me, just is testing me right now.

(Is that five - yeah, it is)


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