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My husband is losing the battle


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Well my husband has tired. He is so weak now he cannot move. His cancer is taking over like wildfire. It is very sad. :( He fought a darn good fight - and he just is too weak to fight anymore. :( His lymph nodes on the other side are now as big as grapes. It was the lymph nodes on the side w/the originating tumor that he had the radiation therapy for - which damaged his voice permanently and caused him dysphagia - which requires a feeding tube. I doubt he will ever taste food again. :(

I have been in contact w/hospice. It is time now... (sigh)

God Bless you all - keep fighting!

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i just answered your other post not knowing he was this bad. So sorry but as Don and Christina said people have come out of hospice to be better. I have a friend who is a nurse in hospice and she has told me that it does happen. So hang in there for now, tomorrow may be better....

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My prayers are with you - I hope you find the peace you are seeking at this time - but, please remember 20% of all patients admitted into Hospice are discharged... that is quite a good percentage - So, although things may seem to be coming to a close, you must never doubt that miracles can and do happen - Love, Sharon

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