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What a day!


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I had seen my Oncologist last Wed when I had chemo and said I may have sleep apnea again, he said to see the Pulmonary Doc, anyway he wouldn't see me for over a month. I also told them I had gone from stage 3 to 4 and that he needed to check my lungs, well no one seemed to care. I'm also still wheezing since January. Needless to say, I was upset. Don't get upset around my mom!

I got an appt with my PCP today at 11:15, when the doc came in........my mother took over and went off.............I am now sitting in my new hospital bed (at home), with wheel chair in the car, new nebulizer, sleep test ordered and call into Pulmonary doctor that he will be checking my lungs out. My Mom and PCP ROCK! Mom says she doesn't like specialists!

For months I have tried to sleep sitting up and can't....now I have the hospital bed (thank goodness), we went to the store to get me some fat t-shirts the other day and I almost didn't make it to the car (that prednisone is hard on the legs, plus the fast weight gain keeps making me fall over-I'm too top heavy), now when a lot of walking is involved I have the wheelchair. A nice new lightweight one.

My PCP hates the inhalers and has gotten me the nebulizer and says it works better.....used it tonight....it broke up so much stuff in my chest I thought I would pass out before I finished coughing crap up.

Something tells me that I'm gonna sleep tonight!

My Social Security Disability was approved and so was both children's (first pmt to come on 09-02-05), just gotta make till then with no money :shock:

The only other thing to pray for is that the CT Scan on Monday shows improvement, shrinkage, disappearance, whatever............

That's my busy exhausting day![/b]

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Hi there Beth,

Well you certainly did have an eventful day. I am glad things worked out in the end as it certainly did not start out that way. But leave it to moms they always have a way of knowing what to do to help. :wink:

I am pulling for on Monday for shrinkage in your Ct.

Let us know how you slept.

Sweet dreams, :D


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Oh my gosh, Beth!

I agree that your Mom and PCP rock.. God bless 'em!!

I cannot believe all what you did in one day. I am so happy for you!

You got a nasty Momma pig taking care of her little piglet..the BEST.. momma pigs are the best Mommas in the whole world. I have loved your Mom since I first heard about her. She is soooo cool. Tell her I love her!

Yes, Beth, sweet dreams.

Best of luck on that CT scan. Crossing stuff for you!

love, Cindi o'h

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Now it sounds like you can be more comfortable. Nebulizers are wonderful things. Now that you can breathe a little better (without all that junk in your chest) and have an easy way to prop up, I hope you sleep soundly and well. You need your rest. Love your mom and pcp. Tell your mom that she sounds like just the ticket you need. Nothing beats having your mom fighting on your side.

Praying for good scans and feeling better soon.


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Your mom is one ROCKIN' advocate.....I'll say that!! Glad you've got some changes and equipment that will work more effectively for you and make your life a bit easier.

And I'm even more glad to see that you still retain some of your humor and "up" attititude. I know it's not easy some days....but you're a leader in this department for all of us!!

I hope you sleep like a baby...and wake up renewed and refreshed and ready to report in to us!

Thinking of you always, Beth...hoping for all gains, large and small....and for them to continue for a looooooong time.

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Well Beth, sounds like you are hangin tough as usual. Love your Mom. She is my hero. We only got one more Alimta to go, that is if they stop at 4 as originally planned. The third was a little tougher to get over. Took me almost two weeks to get feeling good again, but overall, it wasn't bad. Once we get this stuff out of our systems, hoping and praying that it worked, we should start feeling NORMAL again. Least I hope so. Keep us posted and God Bless.


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You go, girl. I was wondering what was going on, your PM you sent yesterday said to look at your post (or was it a post to one of our threads) and I looked and looked last night and didn't see it so was going to call you today to find out.

Well, good for your doc. I'm assuming your health ins. paid for all this great loot?

Will try to call you later on, but it sounds like you're getting taken care of, hopefully better sleep is going to improve how you feel so much you'll be so much better all around!

God Bless your wonderful family (especially your rockin' mom)


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I have had a few questions about this post so I'll clarify a little..............I don't know what my doctor did but the insurance company rented the bed and bought the wheel chair and nebulizer.

Don't know how it worked for them to pay for everything other then the doctor wrote the perscriptions for them and said I needed them.

I told him my fat sausage legs could barely hold me sometimes. He put the oxygen monitor on my grabbed my hand and made me walk fast around the office, the first thing I did was walk directly into the wall and almost fall over. Told him I was a little top heavy.

My PCP is wonderful and I wish I could see him for all my stuff, but can't. I guess ask and yee shall receive! Wheelchair is also wide enough for my prednisone *ss!

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Is your mom for rent? There are times, I could use someone like her. Seriously, I'm so happy she was able to help you get results. I hope now you will get tests and treatment you need. As for the nebulizer, yes, yes , yes, they are wonderful. My hubby wouldn't miss a treatment. It really keeps those airways open. Just know, we are keeping you in our prayers. Am anxiously waiting for the results of your scans next week. I've got a good feeling about those results. Hang in there. Keep us posted.



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Hi Beth,

Nebby's are wonderful. Hopefully now that you got some crap up, maybe your sob will ease up. Your mom rocks! Tell her never stop fighting. The wheel that squeaks the loudest gets the most oil. Take care!


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I am so pleased to hear that you are getting the help you need, (Thanks to your wonderful Mom, and that great oncologist. I hope you will sleep well at night from now on Beth, and, be feeling better during the days too.

Love Paddy.

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