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Prayers please


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Hi friends,

We found out that Bill's white blood count is down too low (due to radiation) to have chemo on Friday. He has 7 more radiation treatments to go. If his counts do not come up within the next two weeks he will be dropped from this clinical trial. Please pray that his counts come up so he may receive chemo. Please. We have not found anything that has worked on this cancer yet and am so hopeful that this trial be the answer to our prayers. Please.

Thank you so much,


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praying for you. I just read astragalus and echinea may boost white blood cell count. It probably is not allowed in the trial, but you could look into this. Dr weil recommends astragalus for cancer patients and says it does not interfere with any treatment

Take care

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Hi Peg - When my husband was going through chemo and radiation the doctor told us to make sure he got lots of protein in his diet. This was to help the white blood cells, the older ones, fight harder. We have done this and so far after 12 chemo treatments, including 35 radiation treatments he has not missed one because of low blood counts. Hope this helps!

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