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update on my Dad and I think prayers are needed

gail p-m

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I haven't posted an update on my Dad for quite some time because he has been very fortunate in being STABLE for quite some time. However, it looks like things are changing. He started coughing up slight amounts of blood and had a bronchosopy last week and they found some cancer in his lung. He was also complaining about some pain around his nipple and was sent to a surgeon today who was extremely concerned about it. He said it probably should come out but he wants to wait until a PET is done (currently scheduled for May 19th but we're trying to get it moved up). Surgeon said if there is a lot of activity in that area he wouldn't take it out because the cancer would have metasticized and my Dad would have bigger problems than that. So that's where we are right now. Waiting, waiting, waiting and I'm not really sure we want to hear the answers. Please keep my Dad in your prayers. He has fought this beast for almost 5 years now and I want him to "win".

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It from reading your Dad's bio, it sounds like he is truly a fighter and has been doing well. I hope this is just a minor set back and he will again be on the road to 5 years.

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