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Running Away

Fay A.

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I sure do hope this running away is for some R&R and nothing we should be getting worked up over. If R&R -enjoy for you certainly deserve it. If somethng else - well, hope that works out okay as well. Hope you aren't gone too long for I am not a patient worrier!!!!!

Take care,


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Our dear Fay,

We have always wondered exactly what kit and kaboodle really is.............glad to know you have it packed up...........we will not worry about it.

Please know that you are packing also all our love and prayers and support..........hold on to it till you get back to us.


P and B

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Hey...everyone can't take a leave at once. Isn't that called something like "the blue flu"? Who will man the boards?

Can I come too? Not that I really need a break or anything, I just hate to be left out!

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Hey Fay, are you driving a BUS on your RUN AWAY ADVENTURE??? Looks like your going to have LOTS of COMPANY! :lol::lol: Don't come to Minnesota, it's damn COLD up here!!! But, if you want to pass through I'll pack a bag and come along for the ride!!

Hope everything is okay! You've been going through a lot lately. (((((((((((FAYA))))))))))))

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Well geez, if you're going down to Texas to pick up Katie, you might as well swing through Oklahoma and get me :? .... Has anyone called shotgun yet?

Just watch for the flyin cows..its ternada season..

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