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Welcome Sues, Mother of MissyK

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Hi Sues:

Well, I noticed you posted a message to Michael Lewis and I wanted to break away from Michaels post and WELCOME YOU to our wonderful Family.

In the very short time I have known your daughter Missy, she sure is a wonderful daughter looking out for her wonderful mom! :wink:

I'm sorry Sues that you have the need to find us, but I really am glad you did.

I'm not stranger to lung cancer as you will notice from my profile below.

Please know your not in this alone. We are here for you and we CAN help you to walk this walk.

I told your daughter this IS BEATABLE and I'm here to tell you that's a FACT! (Heck, I'm still here)!

I have a wonderful friend who is an Extensive Small Cell Lung Cancer Survivor of 6 years now. So, I'm telling you, NEVER SAY NEVER! They gave her 9 months, 6 years ago. :roll::roll: She's doing just FINE! No cancer in sight!

Hang in here and God Bless,

Connie B.

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Thanks connie

I appreciate the welcome.

You are right, Missy is a wonderfull daughter.

I appreciate her more than she can ever know. I also have 2 other wonderful children that haven't been browbeaten, by their sister, to look at this site. I am already happy to have found you.

I'm sure I will need all of your help through this. I am also sure this will be quite a fight., I am ready to fight.

I am hanging in there.


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I'm gonna cry while i write this and i am SO tired of crying already...but i expect there will be many more tears to come...praying more good ones than bad.

We're so new to this and i haven't quite gotten down exactly where to "place it"...in my "deal with it" area, i'm guessing! lol But there are times i want to censor what i say to you...afraid i'll say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing.

But mostly i (and the other three) want to help you any way we can. That is why i kept at you about this site and the wonderful people i'd found on here. I've never felt comfort from a computer screen...i found it here and i wanted that for you.

There is nothing that you face that we won't face as one united team of pains in the butt!! And when ya just need to laugh again...I'll buy the tickets to the comedy club this time!!

Love you so much Mom, and welcome to this wonderful place full of hope!!

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Hi Sue, just want to jump in and welcome you to the family. I also give witness to Connie re our long term, very busy , volunteering and living life to the fullest survivor. Actually we have more than one SClC survivor in our local group ( a group that Connie started). Again welcome. Donna G

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Hi Sue,

Welcome to our family.

Missy is a wonderful caring daughter.

You will find so much support and knowledge here. If you have questions just ask.

You will also get mamy prayers sent to you.

There are so many people on here who have beaten the odds. So do not listen to statistics. That is what this is all about. This site is survivors of LC.

Have faith, you have to believe and have a positive attitude. Faith can move mountains, and so many have. You can too.

We are here for you. Iam sending healing prayers to you.

Keep us posted.


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Welcome Sues,

We are so glad you decided to join us. I can tell you that when my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer I didn't know about this group , but I'm so glad I have them now. If it's information , support , hugs or prayers you want, it's all here. You can sprinkle in some laughs and lots and lots of hope and you've got this family. Make yourself at home and know that we are all here to help one another.

Love and prayers,


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Hi Sues,

Glad you are here to walk through this together with me. We don't have to walk fast or slow, just trudge a little each day. After all, each day IS a blessing. Keep the faith and know that many strong arms and legs are here to help us when we trip, just as your mom did when you were little.

Speaking of walking, I'm going to have my son, Kevin by my side this Saturday as we walk the survivors lap in the Relay For Life for cancer at the University of Washington. He knows that he will become the "man of the house" at some point in this journey. At age 17, that's a rough row to hoe. He's a strong, kind young man with a heart overflowing with kindness. He will do well, and yes, I will lean on his strength, as will his mom.Dear God, I love him so.

In so many posts here, I see the moms and dads becoming once again, children and the children becoming strong advocates, caretakers and helpers who pass their strength along, in God's good time, to their children. Just part of the natural cycle of life.

Sent out my obligatory emails for donations to the walk last night and had a call from a good friend this morning. He had received my email and chided me for setting my donation goal so low. Said that the least he could do is meet my goal with a single check, which he had ready for me to pick up.

He then will become one of the strong men and women walking silently with me..

Funny the way things happen, eh...?


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Hey there Sues and daughter Missy -- count me in on the warm welcome to our not so exclusive group. I too am a fan of a good mother daughter story; we've had a few here on the message board. Hope you find solice here, and the answers to all your questions. Take care, both of you,

David P.

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