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Update on Pops :-(


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Pops is on antibiotics for his pneumonia...... but his scans have showed significant cancer spread. The topotecan isn't working. We are all devastated. He isn't ready to give up yet...he said that he has to keep fighting for all of us especially mom. I feel like I've just been kicked in the stomache. My nephews are there for the summer and are keeping his spirits up. I'll e-mail his oncologist tomorrow to see what the next course of treatment is. She told my brother at this point all they most likely could do was prolong his life some. Else 2 months with no treatment. Anybody out there know of any other drugs for advanced SCLC?

I just need a day to regroup and I will be back on track. I'll be heading back home again when I get a game plan together. Thanks so much for your prayers. Ya'll are the best!!


Just got off the phone with mom. She just broke down. This is the first time that she has cried talking to me. She is so scared. I just lost it. She said that pops kept on saying (in his morphine stupor) that he was so sorry.......



I'm pulled together now......booked my plane ticket home. I'll be leaving in 3 weeks (hopefully Pop will be out of the hospital by then)...then I can help him out so he can continue to fight the beast. I'll be home for 3 weeks. My uncle will be there for a week when I am home. This is wonderful news...haven't seen him in 10 years and he is the only immediate relative (for pops)that is still alive.


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I'm not familiar with treatments for sclc, but I want you to know that you have my prayers. I'm so sorry to hear this news . Know that you have all of us with you in spirit. Keep us informed and take strength from the prayers that I know are going to come your way.

Love and prayers,


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