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Results tomorrow

keith kubesch

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Hi Everyone,

This is actually Carleen, but I couldn't get into my account for some reason, so I am using my husband's.

I am hoping some of my LC family here can say some extra prayers for Keith and I tonight. He had a CT scan done on Friday, and we are going to get the test results tomorrow morning 10:00.

This is Keith's first set of results since starting the Tarceva, and I am really nervous.

He had a greater than 25% Increase in all locations on the last scan so I an really hoping this scan shows some better news.

I know that the fact that Keith hasn't really had any side effects from Tarceva is a good thing. But there is a part of me that associates side effects with an aggressive drug that is fighting in the body hard. I know that is really flawed thinking, especially since the chemo that made him the sickest is the one that his cancer progressed on. It's also the fact that this is his first chemo with only a single chemical agent instead of 2 or 3. I just really am praying that this was the right drug for his body and there is a response.

I feel almost silly tonight. After going through this for the past two years you'd think I'd be used to the scans and the waiting for results. I should have mastered patience by now. What a joke, I am so far from that. For no special reason, I am more nervous tonight waiting for tomorrows results than I can remember being since his original diagnosis testing.

So please keep us in your prayers tonight for good news tomorrow; heck as long as we're asking lets ask for GREAT news tomorrow.

As always you are all in my prayers



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Dear Carleen,

It is wonderful to see you posting as I think of you both often. You bet you and Keith will be in my prayers !! Please post and let us know the results. I will be waiting and holding my breath until then!! That would be a feat!

God Bless You Both Sweety,


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If you take note of the time I am typing this, you will see that, indeed, I AM thinking AND praying for results that at least show improvement....at the most show this chemo is DEFINITELY the one that is going to continue to work for Keith.

I can visualize the two of you sitting in the waiting area - holding hands - waiting with the fear that accompaies such visits. Wish I could take some of that away for you. All I can do is pray and wish you the very best.

(((((Carleen and Keith))))),


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