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Mike Scans tomorrow!!


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Hi Everyone,

Mike will be going for CT of chest, abdomen and pelvic tomorrow. It will be his first full scans since April. He had chest scan end of May and all was stable. In June he had scan of head and MRI which showed he is member of the empty head club. He hasn't had chemo since March 28th. So much happened to him after the Alimta. Currently all seems to be getting better and better. His mental confusion is gone, the pneumonitis gone, the shingles gone but he does require a lot of rest. We went to see his pulmonologist today and he said he looked "GREAT". He was very pleased as compared to his last visit in early July. We are very nervous over these scan results because it has been so long without treatment. We won't be getting results until Mon, Aug 8th, but I would appreciate it if you would please keep him in your prayers now.

Love And Prayers,


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Sue, that is fantastic that he is "over" all those hurdles.. those were some very rough times. No wonder he is pooped. It would be amazing if he weren't wiped out from all that he has gone through.

Of course, prayers. So many of us are going through lots and lots.

Let's hit the pub!

Cindi o'h

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Thank you to all of you for your prayers. Mike did fine getting his scan today. He surprised me the way he was able to walk the long corridor of the hospital carrying his oxygen cylinder (those things are heavy), as well. He was so alert and joking with the technicians etc. just like my old Mike... Thank God. Now we wait for news next Monday. We really are not in a hurry. Living for today and today is good. Thank God!!! Our prayers to all of you, always.

Love and Prayers,

Sue & Mike

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