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Jeffrey finished cyberknife

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Well, it took 3 days to finish because he kept falling asleep on the table but it's finally over. The doctor says he feels the cyberknife of the liver tumor was successful. Afterward, the doc took him aside and told him that he was amazing because of his refusal to ever show a hint of pessimism or negativity. His 3 major docs (it feels like there are hundreds) are finally conferring with each other over how amazing his case is considering the original prognosis (1-3 months because of extensive brain mets). They agree that it has been the combination of chemo and available high tech alternatives that have turned him around. I'm glad they finally agree considering what it took to get them (and the insurance company)to approve a patient with stage IV nsclc for anything other than pallative care. Anyway, for today everything is going great. Jeff is at work, the kids are in a play tonight and school starts on Monday...for me too. Thanks to all for your fabulous backs..I have yours, too.


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I've been watching for your update. That kind of news really lifts my spirits. We Stage IV folks have got to say "No, thanks" to the old-fashioned labels normally attached to us. It's the 21st century and we very well may be among the first patients to be kept chronic until CURE comes along.

Enjoy the new school year - thanks for teaching, it's not easy but it matters SO MUCH!


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