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Getting to Know You....Monday


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What was the best day of the week for you last week? Why?

I think the best day for me last week was Thursday. I ordered my son and future DIL a gift for their new home and it finally arrived on Thursday. I'm a very impatient person and have a hard time waiting for things to happen! Receiving this was a good thing, as I love doing things for my boys!

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easy - best day for me was Thurs. it was a beautiful, clear, humidity-free day, I brought mom home from the hospital, and we both took a long nap in the afternoon. then we had what has become our traditional home-from-the-hospital meal - chili dogs!



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In an odd way...they were all good. I got the news of brain mets the Friday before...so that wasn't a particularly good day. :?

But Monday of last week...I found out my liver is still stable (that's a huge "Yippee Skippee") and then on Thursday, which so many of you mention...I met with the rad onc for the "game plan" and sim. That was good too, as having a plan is ALWAYS good.

The other days, I got some housework done and other than a rather profound lack of sleep due to The Evil Decadron...I had a blast posting here in the middle of the night. :lol:

It was especially nice to check back later at what I'd posted and see that I hadn't been TOO raunchy. (In the privacy of my own home, Decadron had turned me into a potty mouth. :oops: )

Anyway...in a sentence....every day last week was good, because I woke up once again and had the opportunity to live that day, part of them spent here - with you guys! 8)

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The moons must have been lined up last Thursday. A friend and I went to the Art Museum and saw the spectacular Chihuly glass exhibit (amazing) and ate a yummy steak dinner at the Museum Cafe. I was so totally immersed in great company, great food, and a great exhibition that I didn't feel one pang of sadness.

Let's all hope for a repeat of another great moment this week!


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