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Here We Go Again !!!!


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Well, it looks like my area is getting ready to brace itself for yet another hurricane. My home is now in the area with hurricane warnings. The actual hurricane watch is up as far as Vero Beach (15 minutes from my office.) We are closely monitoring the weather today, as this thing shoul hit in the early morning hours tommorrow and our office is right on the river. Get this....I have finally had almost everything repaired from last years storms. I have a new roof, new tile (replaced soaked carpet), new drywall, new paint and my new garage door is scheduled for installation tommorrow. If we have any wind at all, the old door will be located in my living room, as it is barely hanging! Of course, I know the new door won't go in tommorrow because of the weather! Oh well, guess I need you guys to pray me through Katrina now!!!You did a great job praying me through Ivan, Charlie, Frances and Jeanne.

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Praying for you, Ann!!

(btw, had a great time in your neck of the woods when we went to disney world, but girl, it was SOOO HOT! wow, the humidity is terrible! and talk about a LONG drive! but it was beautiful there!)

stay safe!!

((hugs)) and prayers!


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Ann, I have been thinking of you since the new path came out last night.

I have to tell you, I'm still so hurricane weary, I just burst into tears :cry: when i saw the 11:00 pm broadcast last night - and I know ours wasn't nearly as bad as yours last year. For me, it's the fear, infinite-seeming power outages, heat, and mold that just wore me down last year. We just got everything back in order, so I guess it's time to start over, LOL, *big sigh*.

But things could be so much worse, so I'm shutting up my whine-trap, LOL!

My prayers are going up for you.


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Here's saying a prayer for you and everyone else in the path of the storm.

I grew up along the coast of NC - I know how awfull those storms are.

With a lot of luck, the storm will wear itself out before it hits land.

Saying LOTS of prayers . Stay safe.


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Well gang, thanks for all of your prayers! You prayed that hurricane right away from me! We are having a lot of rain and that is expected to continue throughout the weekend. Looks like I'll be inside do this may be an opportunity to catch up on some house cleaning...ugh!!! Just keep up the prayers, as our meterologist says there are three more systems backed up in the Atlantic.

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