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Let's Play a Game......


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Ann......what a great question yesterday. When I got to work and was checking the website, as I do every morning, I couldn't help but laugh at all the replies. I love people that have a great sense of humor. This topic seemed to bring it out in everyone!! LOL

It might be difficult to top this one....can't wait to hear your question today!! :D

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~too itchy or too sore~

I'll have to go with too sore after watching my husband the last couple days. However since we were ALL exposed to poison ivy yesterday...I may change my mind tomorrow...

Ok Heres mine:

Not getting enough sleep or sleeping too much

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That is an interesting question my sister. I almost think not having enough to do is worse b/c your mind wanders to those dark depressing areas. Although when you have too much to do, you wish the other way ;)

Too tired or too wide awake and jittery?

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