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Let's Play a Game......


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This could be fun. The name of this game is "Which is Worse." I'll start out with a question. Then, someone answers my question and then posts another "which is worse" question. Someone answers that...then posts another question...etc. Let's see how long we can keep this rolling?

Which is worse...too hot or too cold???

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Okay........I think it would me more interesting to state the reason behind your answer (just 'cause I am interested in why people think one over the other is better or worse).....then post the new question.

If your a man I think too short would be worse because society seems to not take short men seriously (according to social science research).

If your a woman I think too tall would be worse because men tend to "be afraid or intimidated" by tall women.

Question: bad breath or body oder??


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Leave it to the lawyer to give a really hard one. I'll bite.

Blind would be worse in my opinion. A deaf person can communicate with sign language (Snowflake trivia, I took ASL in college as my "second language"). Not hearing is bad, but not SEEING spring would be harder...

Too young or too old?

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