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More Getting to Know You - September 2


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I guess I'd just take it to the police and let them AND Ginny go nuts! :wink:

It would be tempting. I'd be curious. But I'd be afraid if I opened it, something would dye my hands...like they do with cash in a bank to identify a thief.

So...I'd just take it to the cops.

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This would drive me crazy!!! Of course, I would pick it up, turn it over, shake it and try to see if I could feel a shape. Like Ginny, I would be a bit chicken but I think I would have to take a peek...maybe not...but I am very curious!!!

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From Leslie 221:

Before or after I open it?

I drive two hours to Denver and deliver it to the regional FBI office. I would probably open the briefcase and take a look, though, unless it meant having to break into it. But, honestly, the only top secret document I'm likely to find around here would pertain to some secret use for cow manure.

Good question!



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From Snowflake:

Hmmm...is there a label stating where it needs to be returned to, or is it yet another thing to add to the clutter around the house? Something to toss up into the attic...

I have to admit, I'm the curious type...but a label that was official looking would intimidate me...but if it didn't say on the outside who the owner is, how would I know who to give it to??


Courage is being scared to death - and saddling up anyway. ~John Wayne

Surviving is important. Thriving is elegant. ~ Maya Angelou

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