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Hi All,

I haven't posted about my dad in awhile since we are at a standstill until tests are performed at the end of this month. On a personal note, when my son was born in May of 2002, the first thing my dad said to him in the delivery room was "we're going fishing". One month later, my dad was diagnosed with his first cancer. Its been an up and down roller coaster since then. Connor, my son, has been in lots of hospital waiting rooms and we've snuck him into intensive care rooms and wards that small children shouldn't be on. (Good thing he's cute, he wins over tons of nurses) Anyway, my dad took Connor on his first fishing trip yesterday, watching them together I just wanted to cry. It was a memory that I will always keep close to my heart, regardless of the way this lung cancer journey takes us. Connor even caught a fish! It was incredible. I changed my avatar since I'm unsure of how to download pics directly. Thanks for letting me share and know that I pray for everyone on this board on a daily basis.


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Tammy: that is a nice story. It inspires me to take up fishing so I can go with my grandson too. I will have plenty of time at the end of the month since I will be retired. Maybe I can get good at it by the time my grandson is old enough to go. I hope your dad's PET scan shows no malignancy.

Don M

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Tammy, that is a beautiful memory that will be kept alive in your heart forever.

I was reading your dads profile and he has been through so much. Poor dear man. He has so much determination and you must be so proud of him.

The pic is great!!


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