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Please tell Suki I am so envious of her today! I'm not quite ready to get behind the wheel of a car. But I am so looking forward to my independance again. It is a big milestone to be moving towards the activities we once took for granted. Definitely a Red Letter Day for all of you!

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driving!! woo hoo!!! it's no problemo. and it seems to have empowered her somewhat in terms of working towards weaning off of the O2!! today is the first business appointment which, I hope, will be another shot of confidence and motivation. thank you all so so much...we might just actually be getting past this surgery!

gail, mom lives right across the river in NJ, so it's somewhat calmer than NYC. she's opted out of driving herself into the city on Thurs. for the onc. appointment, which I support 100%. with traffic, it can be an hour each way. too much!

I am so happy this is where she is right now. what a blessing. I have all of you to thank for keeping me sane! (well, relatively speaking.)



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