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Double vision from brain mets


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My mom just finished 26 Whole brain radiation treatments on Friday. She was hoping it would help the double vision she has been having since August but it hasn't. The radiation doctor told her that it may be permanent but it still might improve in the next couple of weeks since the radiation will still continue to work. Has anyone ever heard of this? She wears a patch on her left eye and has a prism sticker on the right part of her eye glasses. If she has both eyes open she has double vision. Her balance is off and she has been using a walker.

She had radiation Monday through Friday and it took us 45 minutes to get there each day for the 10 minutes of radiation to then drive 45 minutes back home. Mom could get around for about 1 hour once we were home but then was just too tired and stayed in her chair for the rest of the day. The steroids made her face swell and her appetite is crazy. She is frustrated that she had gained so much weight but feels like all she can do it eat.

She goes to see the oncologist on Tuesday and is eager to start chemo again since it has almost been 6 months since she has been on it. She is really concerned about the enlarged lymph node on her collar bone. The oncologist was concerned about that in August too but didn't feel she was strong enough to do radiation and chemo together.

I guess, I'm really scared for her, especially after she seemed like everything was back to normal for 4 months. My Mom has always been really tough and never complains but my Dad said she is really depressed, especially with not being able to drive.

I live an hour away but go home with my 8 and 6 year old to help keep up around the house & farm. Plus, she loves seeing her grandkids. I guess, I'm just really emotional right now and wondering what can help my mom and what the doctor will say on Tuesday.

Thanks for any ideas or similiar stories,


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WBR caused vision problems for me too. I couldn't even use my computer for quite a while.... But the longer I'm away from radiation treatment....the better it's getting. My ears took a beating too. I hope your mom's side effects fade with time like mine have.

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I can imagine that you are feeling overwhelmed right now. You are taking such good care of your mom, and be sure to take care of yourself as well. You can't help her or your two wonderful little ones if you burn out.

I don't have any experience in WBR, but I will add my prayers for your mom. She's been through so much--I hope she gets some relief soon.

:) Kelly

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Hi Trich,

I symphathise with everything you mom is going through. Especially, since she was feeling so good and had this setback. How frustrating and scarey this is.

But there are a couple of posts here which is encouraging. For some people it is only temporary. Let's pay this is the case for her.

Hang in there, I know it is hard. Just keep believing that this too shall pass.

Prayers sent out to you mom.


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