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Visit with radiologistt


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WE're taking hope that the mets are small and that there are only two. Does anyone know about temozolomide? It supposedly crosses the blood-brain barrier to attack mets.

Thanks for all the kind support. It means the world to us to know we're part of a chain of hope.

It's strange that he has brain mets. I was more concerned with bone mets. HE's the one who pushed for the brain mri. THe radiologist admitted the she was only doing to fulfill his request. Just thinking "what if we hadn't scanned him" is another reason to keep hoping we're moving in the right direction with this fight. He does have many hot spots on both of his lungs. But this brain situation trumps all....

Gotta go....Much love and healing to all on this blessed message board,


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Your dad sounds alot like me. I was having random pain "points" in my head and finally asked my doc for a brain MRI, discovered I had 6 mets, all very small.

I had WBR and it worked! All mets are now gone or barely there. I think your dad will be able to zap those 2 mets with no problem.

The worst part about WBR is the steroids. They make you feel grumpy, hungry and really crazy sometimes!


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Hi Eppie,

Sorry to hear about your dads brain mets. Thank G-d he asked for a brain MRI. Sounds like the doc has a good plan for him.

Keeping everything crossed that those mets will be zapped in no time.


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Dad won't be taking Decadron....I am glad too...if we can avoid it we will. I have a meeting with the onc. today to go over some questions.

Did anyone here do six months straight of chemo (carbo/taxol)? THat is three days of infusions: one day carbo, next taxol then pamidronate. That's what my dad has been told he's doing. SO far week three he's tolerating it well.

I want to know if we're being aggressive enough. How do we know for sure if he's responding...what exactly does response look like? I managed to get them to draw blood for a CEA today. THat should provide baseline.

GOd, I want to grab cancer by it's throat and throttle it for giving us all this much trouble.

On the good news: I bought my dad one of those space age memory foam mattresses. He loves it. The only problem is that it props his bed up another 6 inches and it's like his bed surface towers above everything else in his room. I will probably take it apart today so the whole thing sits on the floor and not the railing.

Peace and healing to all in pain and strength to those in need. May all our prayers in mass bring peace!


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