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I wanted to take a minute to share my excitement about an upcoming event I have planned for my mom. I am so excited!!

A few weeks back, I sent an email out to the Gatlinburg girls, a group of mom's friends who have been going to Gatlinburg for over 10 years every spring (I have gone 4 years), to see if anyone is interested in going to Elton John's November 5 concert in Cincinnati. Well, don't you know that everyone responded with a resounding YES! So, we have 8 tickets with a handicapped accessible seat for mom.

I think mom is excited. I asked her the other day if she was more anxious or excited and she said excited!!!

One of the girls last night called to let me know that she has rented a limo for us and that we are going to go pick mom up in it. This part will be a surprise for mom. No worries about anyone driving-yippee!

I can't tell you the amount of times we girls sat around in our Gatlinburg chalet hot tub and sang our hearts out to a little good ole EJ...

Neither my mom or I went to Gatlinburg this past May, so it has been over a year since we have seen a few of them.

I tried to send a fanclub message to dedicate to a song to mom, but his website says he won't do it. Oh well, this is really going to be something to see him.

Told ya it was cool...

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What a fun thing to do! I know your mom will have a blast! Elton John and time with her friends all rolled into one! Can't ask for better than that! Oh...almost forgot the limo!!!

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