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My name is Toni and my husband is Terry. We found out in aug that he has stage 4 lung cancer. Out of the blue. He is 57 and they thought he had pneumonia when we got home frm a camping trip. but turned out is was lung cancer. He has it in both lungs so we had radiation for three weeks. Then he got c-dif infection from antibiotic he had for pneumonia and that held up chemo for a few weeks. Now this week we had our first chemo. Terry has two nodes in his abdomen and some small cells now showing in his liver. The doc added Avastin to his two chemo drugs as it is supposed to benew for lung cancer after having good results with colon cancer. They told us it may add to his life and make him eel a lot better. I was wondering if anyone had this drug and how they did on it. We are fighting the whole way no way willhe give up. They have not given us a time line but we hope to go into a remission for a long time. Any others that have had this please let us know as it is all new to us. The Va hosital has been wonderful to him. they say it was most likely agent orange as he was a paratrooper in Vnam and did three tours jumoing into the jungles. Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully we can get some input from others ging thru this. Toni

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Hi Toni..

First of all, glad that you found us, and a very big welcome to this group. So sorry that you are finding yourselves in the biggest fight of your lives!

I haven't had Avastin, it is a new drug. I think that there are others here who have had it also. I did remember reading encouraging news about prolonging life when it first came out. It has been studied. I also heard that it can cause colon perferations, but I haven't read about that. (Maybe it was the colon cancer that caused the perfs?) Something to ask the onc., I guess.

Treatments are yucky...No doubt. We have many survivors here who will agree. Everyone seems to have their own set of side-effects of treatment. And many times, they will help each other out with something that worked for them that will help for the next guy.

Most importantly....you are not alone. We "get it". Either we have lc, know someone who has lc, or a family member with lc, or both...

Hope you find what you are looking for here.



Cindi o'h

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Welcome! NED stands for no evidence of disease--what we are all seeking if we don't have it (him) already.

My husband has had 3 Avastin treatments along with 2 other chemo. drugs. They are given every 3 weeks. His last scans showed he is stable. This stability comes after several failures. See history in my signature. I believe the Avastin has a lot to do with it.

There is a risk of bleeding. They won't give it to squamous type NSCLC because the bleeding rate was pretty high. Don't remember exact percentages. In other NSCLC types the risk is low. We believe it is worth the risk.

He really has had no side effects from it other than fatigue, which is common with chemo. treatments. I will add your husband to my prayer list. I'm looking forward to getting to know you. Take care.

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Toni, my husband had Avastin for several months along with his chemo. It is approved for colon cancer(FDA) but not yet for other cancers. But, Mike's oncologist said many studies were being done and using it decreases or blocks the blood supply to the cancer tumors. So he did give it a try on Mike. However, Mike's cancer was very advanced and his outcome was not positive. Give it all you've got and keep fighting. God bless you and your husband, Nancy C

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what a shock, toni. I am so sorry you guys are going through this but glad you found us! there are definately people here who have experience with avastin. don't hesitate to ask the experts, too.

keep the faith, come here as often as you need to. the people here changed my world-view, and definately comtributed positively to my mother's treatment.



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Hi Toni

Welcome here. I have no experience with that particular drug, but as you see people who have will be ansering your post.

I just want to welcome you here and let you know you have the best support group on here.

I pray this drug works for your husband.

Keep us infomed.


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My friend who has NSCLC, the reason that I am on this board altogether, was approved for Avastin back in July '05. His previous chemos - first, traditional platinum based, and next, Tarceva, did not work. His latest - the "triple threat" Alimta, Gemzar and Avastin has kept evertyhing at bay - in fac, he got to have his first "chemo break". He was so happy! He's feeling great and is very active- hiking, skateboarding, traveling, working and all this with stage 111c NSCLC!!! :D I am so hopeful about his new treatment. His next scan is mid Nov. I wish you and your husband the best of luck and good health in the future.

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Hi Toni,

I would just like to welcome you to our family and let you know that I'm hoping and praying for Terry to have good results from all his treatments. Spend a lot of time reading profiles and searching for information, I think you will find it helpful. Every case of cancer is different, but they all have certain similarities. You will find this group to be very kind , compassionate and willing to help in any way they can. Will look forward to knowing you better.


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