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I would like to have had a colder winter too! lol

I'm in Texas and we haven't gone below 50 most nights (some nights are indeed colder) but our days are in the 70s-80s instead of the 40s-50s which is VERY ODD (kind of like all the rain in CA). This has been going on for months- like a really long Fall that will slide into Spring bypassing Winter altogether this year for us. Our plants are completely confused.

Maybe some MI's will be more helpful in regards to your weather. Just wanted you to know you weren't alone and that I think there is weird weather going on everything this year.

take care,

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Oh, come on Deb....wouldn't you like some snow? I would love it if it snowed here in central Florida. I would be out of work for weeks, as it would take that long for all the traffic jams to be cleared. People here have completely forgotten how to drive in snow....lol

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We don't really have any here either, everything turns white and then it rains or just melts away.

Our mud season (yes, we have five seasons in VT) is here about 2 months early.

But for you skiers, there's snow on the mountains where it belongs!


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Andrea I love your new picture, You daughter looks like a little Andrea. Your both adorable.

We have not hand any snow the whole month of Jan. and very little in Dec. It has been very mild here, and tomorrow it is going back into the 50's. I know you Fla. birds are going burrrrrrr. but that is warm here.


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Please Ellen, don't send the snow from Europe, at least not to Canada...once it gets here it tends to want to stay. We have been blessed in southern Ontario, in my humble opinion, with a joyous winter so far...much milder than usual and not too much snow. Most of my friends and my husband would completely disagree with me though and are longing for the stuff...freaks they are :lol:

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