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Update on Cindi


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For all of you that are standing in line, waiting on the pub to open, be patient. I just spoke with Cindi and her computer is still very sick. She's not able to get online at all. Hopefully, her puter will be well soon and she'll be back with us!!!

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Okay, Okay,

Snuk in the back door. Bar is open. Went to the creek and got ice. Juke box plugged in. Lotsa chocolate donuts, bud light and and rot gut. Got Baileys, virgin Bloody Marys (yuk), root beer, big orange and a flaming sumthin. That outta do it till Cindi gets a goin. Git R Dun.


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Thanks for the update Ann...

Really relieved that it was her puter. Scarey when the topic was update on Cindi. :shock:

Hope your puter gets well soon and we get you back here.

Meanwhile, don't forget to save my favorite seat at the bar, Charlie!

Maryanne :wink:

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Get me a double anything!

Computer troubles are the pitz! Can't pour a decent drink for anyone or even myself!

I am using the complex's computer right now. Hope that I will be up and running soon, but the problem's seem complex right now. :roll:

I got that disc Sheri...do I have to be online for it to work? (hope not)

You all watch out for that worm or bug or whatever it is that was supposed to be put out today!

Cindi o'h

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