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My Experience With Lung Cancer


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Good Day To All,

Although We All Dread Those Words “You Have Lung Cancer” My Experience On My Journey Has Been Positive Overall. I Have Been Blessed With A Great Family/Friends And Best Friend. Everyone Has Been Very Supportive And Understanding. I Have Great Doctors, Nurses And The Very Best Care Allowed To Me. Not One Single Person Family/Friends/Doctors/Nurses/Anyone Has Said To Me Why Bother You’re Not Going To Live Anyways. They All Said We Will Do Whatever We Can For You. I Have Gained New Friends Along The Way, Many From The (Met In Person As Well/Hope To Meet Others) Board. The Board Offers Me A Place Where I Can Come To Learn, Share, Get/Give Support And Hopefully Make A Difference In My On Little Way As Many Here Have Made A Differences To Me. I’m Able To Still Have A Life, Still Do Things And Still Get Around. Not At The Same Speed Or Pace Mind You. Also Been Fortunate That As I Go Along Things Fell Into Place With Work, Insurance, And SSD Etc. Have Been Able To Keep My Cancer In Check And That There Are Still Options Available As I Go Along. My Attitude Since Day One Is I’m Going To Beat It And I Still Say That To This Day. I Don’t Feel Sorry For Myself, Wonder Why I Have It/How I Got It, Don’t Get Mad/Upset Or Take It Out On The World. Theses Are The Cards I Was Dealt. It’s Up To Me To Get It Done, No One Can Do It For Me And I Refuse To Fall Into The Self-Pity Cancer Trap. Have My Days Like Any One Else, But Are Few And Far In Between. For Me Doctor’s Appointments, Tests, Treatments Etc Have Become Routine, Part Of Everyday Life And Down Right Boring. Even During Treatments (Now Going On For 38 Months) I Have Been Very Lucky With Very Few Side Effects. Saying I’m A Lucky b*stard Is An Understatement. God Likes Me For Sure. Lung Cancer Is Not A Death Sentence, Not The End Of Life Or Living. One Can Live With Lung Cancer And Still Have A Meaningful Life. There Is Still Plenty Of Life-To-Live, Things To Do And Say. Always Could Be Worse/Spirits Are Good!

I Would Love To Hear From Others (Patient/Caregiver/Anyone) The Positive Side Of Lung Cancer And Your Stories.

Have A Nice Day Everyone! Rich

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Rich, you're alright! Lucie and I have drawn closer together. We appreciate each day and the people in our lives. We look at the lc as an opportunity to serve others, and have had many rewards from that. We believe we have more blessings in our lives than negatives. Keep up the spirits! Don

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I have to say I feel the same way. I have been through a LOT in my years and never really realized I was being carried to safety from harm, finances good and now my health. I give ALL the credit to God and never realized it though. I have loved Him all my life and never realized everything He has done for me. I do now, I have walked with HIm now consistently for 3.5 yrs. How did I survive without Him, can't explain that one. I never bleme Him for what I have been through. I keep a positive attitude and know I have beat the odds because of Him...

Thank you for starting this thread. You are a very special person, Rich. God has truly blessed you too...

God Bless, prayers and hugs,


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Well Rich, like you I have a few of those down days too, but I do all I can to allow those days to only be now and then and not let them control my life.

I have a life, and I live it to the best of my ability. I enjoy the little things in life now, when BC (Before Cancer) I can't say as I did that. I have honestly learned how to stop and smell the roses. :wink:

I wake up every morning and say THANK YOU LORD and I go to bed every night and I say, Thank you again Lord for a wonderful day.

Life is GOOD! Cancer isn't going to rob me of enjoying my life! I got to much living left to do.

Hugs to you Rich, (((((((RICH))))))))

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Richard, Are you sure it's God and not all the Bud Light? When I think over the last several years there were a lot of dark days but truly there were many more great days and times. This experience has changed us into better people than we were before--I think we are kinder, more sensitive and more appreciative of every little thing. Like Warren Zevon, we enjoy every sandwich. It has brought some wonderful people into our lives and for that I am thankful.

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Hi Rich, you have a wonderful spirit and attitude. Your post made me smile.

You said that, "Lung Cancer Is Not The End Of Life Or Living," and this is certainly something that I've come to learn over the last few months since my Dad was diagnosed. After finding my hope, here on this board, I look forward and always try to help my Dad to do the same....I must say that he makes it pretty easy for me because his attitude through all this so far as been nothing short of amazing. His willingness to go along with the *new normal* with a smile on his face and a positive attitude is such a comfort to me and I'm sure, a gift that he his giving to me. My Dad was a man who could just about cut his arm off, be bleeding all over the place and insist there was no reason to go to the hospital. He is a very good patient now and I thank him for that. I will travel this road with my Dad for as far as I can go and I look forward to the road being long and relatively uneventful but whatever the course, I will put one foot in front of the other, take a big breath and fill my lungs (no pun intended) with hope because that's what's driving this train.

As I said, I found my hope on this board, through the gentle and loving hearts that I encountered on my very first visit here. I will be forever grateful and humbled by the kindness shown to me by you all.

My Dad will have completed 2 cycles of his chemo this Wednesday. For the last several days we've had a construction crew at his house because Dad decided he wanted to install new kitchen cupboards. Of course, one thing always leads to another when you start any type of renovation so the kitchen project has become considerably larger and we are now having some living room walls re-drywalled and repainted. There's also a new workshop just waiting to be built come spring. You are so right Rich, "Lung Cancer Is Not The End Of Life Or Living". One thing I am really looking forward to this year is sending a Christmas card from my Dad to the doom and gloom thoracic surgeon who initially tried to take all hope away from us. With the grace of God, good Doctors, medicine and research, I hope to have him on Dad's card list for many more years to come. Thank you kind people for being here for me.

Much Love,


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Hi Rich,

Nicely put. You are a blessed man, for sure.

I am too.........when my attitude is good. hahaha.

I never thought I would get cancer. Just didn't. But, it sure has been a ride. I have learned more about myself and others throughout this experience. Wow.

I hadn't the foggiest about what it was like having chemo or radiation. Now I know. And that is a bond that I share with others. It is an elite club of sorts.

I don't feel begrudged having lc either. It has been acceptance pretty much since day one. Doesn't mean I like it though. It just is a part of my life now. Like you, I believe I will beat it. Most all of the time I feel this way. Hardly ever do I have a feeling of doom.

I had 3 Bud Lites on Saturday night. One was good. Two was good. And so was three. Yummy! I must do that again soon!

love, Cindi

p.s. be gentle with our girls here when you meet up with them. Your good looks and boyish charm may just cause them to lose their sensibilities!

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One of the staunchest supports for Brian on LCSC was your phrase in your bio: Spirits are good.

That really had an impact on him from the first time I read it to him.

He always lived up to it and he always talked about it.

He thought that was the most positive statement and he loved it and he lived it.

Thank you for being that for my husband.

You may never fully understand how much your spirit meant to him.



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