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Bad Scan Results


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Hi All

I got the scan results back today and the outlook is grim. The 2 cm lesion that was discovered in my liver in June has grown to a 4.3 cm x 3.6 cm lesion. In addition, they have found 4 other lesions on the right sight of my liver under 1 cm. All clear on the rest of the scans.

Of course, I panicked when I heard the news as it sounds very aggressive to me. The oncologist originally wanted to put me on Iressa and I asked if I could go on chemo again. I told her I felt more comfortable when I was getting chemo. She agreed and I start Navelbine chemo this Thursday.

I'm trying to stay brave for my family. It's been a long trek for them.

One of the best things that has happened to me throughout this ordeal was meeting all of you on this board. I have learned so much from you.

I would appreciate any suggestions that I can take to my oncologist.

Thanks for being here for me.

Sue M.

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I am sorry to hear your news. I don't have any suggestions because I don't have any experience with your particular problem. However I would just like to tell you don't give up the fight. It appears that you have been fighting this horrible disease for quite a while and been successful, just keep on fighting. I will be praying for you.

Bess B

DX 2/14/03 SCLC w/ mets to Liver

Chemo Irinetecan & Taxol 3/01/03-7/01/03

50% shrinkage of lung and liver tumors

8/03/03 started new Chemo VP-16 & Carboplatin-every 3 weeks

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Its like Katie said, switch gears now and keep up the fight. She also gave you things to look into. You know from being here how people can overcome great odds.

Keep coming here and keeping us posted and gaining knowledge and strength.

Ive just sent up prayers for you.

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Sue, I'm sorry to hear about your recent setback, but with your strong will and positive attitude, you've given yourself the resources to beat this thing. I agree with Katie in getting info on RFA. The doctor just recently discovered a small liver spot on my mom so I will be conducting some research. I will let you know if I find anything.

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I have not read much about Vitamin K for liver; however, Vitamin K is needed for blood clotting. It is important to remember that many people w/ lung cancer develop blood clots, so I would ask a Dr about Viatmin K.

I have read that milk thistle will detoxifiy the liver - might not help with the cancer but may help the liver function better. SAMe may also help liver function. Again probably won't fight the cancer, but may help the liver function

Make sure you double check everything if you use any vitamins/herbs etc

Take care

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I agree to check out RFA. The important thing to remember about RFA is that it can only be done early when there are not too many liver mets.

The liver is supposed to regenerate fairly fast, but once the liver is more than 40% cancer then less is possible as far as RFA and other treatment

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This news is a disappointment to you, but there is no cancer elsewhere. I don't know much about RFA, but it sounds hopeful.

Sue you have always been so supportive to all of us here on tis board. We are here for you. You know....it is O.K. to not be brave all of the time. It is impossible to be. I try to put on a good front, but we all have those days. Just take it day by day. Today was one of those days for me...I came home from work feling defeated and quite nauseated too. I just crawled up in my big sister's lap and cried like a baby! I must say it made me feel better. She is such a comfort. I wish I were there to give you hug! So I a sending you a (((((((cyber hug)))))))))


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Dear Sue,

I always love to see your happy smile in your picture when you post. I know your news is depressing you, but it sounds like you've been given a good avenue to investigate with the RFA. Also, about IRESSA. Is there any way that your tumor sample could be tested to see it would respond to IRESSA? Please ask the onc about that.

It sounds like you still have some good options. I am thinking of you Sue.

Love, Ada

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