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Hospice is coming in


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Well it has been a while since I have been on here. Dad has been in the hospital for the past 10 days. He was suppose to go see his cancer dr. to talk about chemo and radiation last monday, he had to go to the hospital saturday morning. He was up all night friday night coughing and vomiting. We found out that he had a collapsed lung and Pneumonia. He became really weak. He also has a really bad infection in him that has gone septic. They put the chest tube back in him again because his lungs are filling up with fluids. Today is Tuesday 10 days later. They found out yesterday he has two new tumors in his broncia tube and in both lungs. His dr said this is the fasted growing lung cancer he has ever seen. Dad just had half his lung taking out on Feb 15 and a new tumor has already grown. They said the cancer is taking over dad's body. Today the chest tube came out and they put a whole in his back to drain the fluids and so he can breathe better. There is nothing more than can do for him. No more treatments no more tests. He is going to hopefully come home on friday. Hospice is going to stay with him around the clock when he gets home. The drs. are going to make him as comfortable as they can for as long as they can. It just hit me so hard. We all thought he was going to do the chemo and radiation and fight this nasty monster. I just feel so numb right now. I have a meeting with the pallitive care people tomorrow and hospice on thursday. Dad is pretty depressed right now. I try to cheer him up best I can. His baby sister is coming in from texas on thursday so we are hoping she will make him smile. I am cherishing everyday with him.

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Oh Lisa,

You must be devistated from the news, especailly since this is happening so fast you have not had time to digest it all.

I pray they keep him comfortable. You are doing everything right. Be with him as much as you can.

I wish I could do something to make this disapear. All I can do is send prayers and for him to be at peace.

We are always here for you. Please keep us posted.

I am sorry Lisa,


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Lisa I am sorry things are so hard and so bad for you and your dad. I just wish there was something I could do to stop this damn disease.

I pray that God comfort your father and wrap him in his loving arms. I pray that you and your family receive strength and peace during these trying times.

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Im so sorry Lisa. I totally understand what youre feeling. My dad was diagnosed just a couple of months ago as well and now, he too, is home with help from hospice. It hurts like hell. I hate this illness so much! Try and be kind to yourself and spend as much time with your dad as you can.

My thoughts and prayers are with you,


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