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Hi All,

My fil and I were dx'd w/ cancer 4/18/05, weird, huh? I had breast cancer and have just successfully finished treatment. My fil has nsc lung cancer. At first, the doctors thought it was caught in time to be successfully treated. But that is not the case.

He had neoadjuvant chemo, which reduced a 5 cm tumor to almost nothing. He had surgery to remove a lobe of his lung near his heart. He had a clean sentinal node dissection. This was last August. He was given a clean bill of health. By the end Sept, he had severe pain in his right hip, didn't do much because he thought it was because he needed hip replacement.

The nsclc came back w/ vengence. The Dr.'s gave him 60-90 days. It is now the end of April, passed his 90 days. Things are not looking good, he is in the hospital with cellulitis and coughs up blood.

I appreciate your support. Thanks, Michelle

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Welcome Michelle,

I am so sorry to hear about your fil. Also sorry you had to dance with this cancer beast yourself.

I will be keeping you both in my prayers. Please come here often for support, information, and to just let it all out. There are so many wonderful people here who can answer most any question, and can understand almost anything you are going through.

I hope things start turning around for your fil, and that God bring him peace and comfort.

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Congrats on Beating Breast Cancer! Never let a Dr tell you when you will die! They do not know any more than you or I Do. Sending Link Deep reading but good Starter For LC And Possible treatments. THESE ARE POSSIBILITIES NOTHING HERE GUARANTEED. This is long but informative; Click Below

http://www.pjonline.com/pdf/hp/200504/h ... herapy.pdf

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Hi Michelle,

And big welcome. Having gone through your own breast cancer, you have first hand knowledge of what it means to have a fighting attitude.

I am one that would scrap with every breath. I would insist on treatment until I could take no more treatment. Many of our members share that same attitude and they are still here after years of fighting lc at the late stage level.

All may not seem hopeless with your Dad in law. Please ask any questions that you may have and give us information as far as what treatments he has had and the side effects of his treatments and all symptoms of his cancer. We are not doctors, but we have a cumulative base of experience and knowledge here in our group.

What part of the country/world are you?


And again,


Cindi o'h

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Hi Michelle--

Bet you'll never forget 4/18/05! What a day that must have been for your family. Glad to hear that you've been successfully treated. Sorry to hear about your FIL though and hope he can rally despite the doctors' predictions. That sometimes does happen.

Keeping your FIL in my prayers.

gail p=m

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Because of breast cancer, I've really learned to do research. NSCLC is sooo gloomy and hard to research. I've been reading the posts and they have helped a lot.

Again, thank you sooo much for your replies.

My husband and I are north of Seattle. My FIL is in Cedar Key, FL, near Gainsville. He started treatment at Moffitt in Tampa. Now gets treatment at the VA in Gainsville, with consults from Shands, across the street.


Michelle, praying for a cure, hate this nasty stuff!

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I am so sorry Michele for everything your family has and is going through.

Congratulations on you being a cancer survivor. I pray they can find something that will work for him.

Keep a positive attitude as that is half the fight there. Never give up!

We are always here for you.


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Good for you...............beating breast cancer is such an accomplishment!!!!! I only wish the news could be better for your fil as well. Hope you can get some support, and even information, from the great people here to help you at this time.


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Hi Michelle and welcome to this board.

I am glad you have beaten the breast cancer and am sorry that your father in law had this major setback. Hopefully some of the promising chemos that have come along for late stage lc will help him. I would like to extend him my best wishes.

I was raised in Everett and have family there. I am going to start image guided radiation therapy at Swedish Cancer Institute this Wednesday. I will be staying my son Joe and his family who love in Isaquah. I live in Hoquiam, a long ways from Seattle.

Don M

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