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A Wonderful Spring Morning

Frank Lamb

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Just wanted to welcome all our survivors and their significant every bodies to a super spring morning here in western Pa.

It's raining but warm(almost 60% at wake up)and the grass is getting green and trees and plants are budding and growing.Birds are building nests and pooping everywhere.

Had to dig the cutoff shorts outta storage,need to get the lawn tractor and mower and weedeater up and running.Get the deck furniture outta the shed,cleaned and put on the deck after I get the deck scrubbed and restained.The back side of the house T111 painted this spring before all the flowers shoot up and I won't be able to get a ladder in there.LOts of treee limbs need to be chain sawed and burned once I get the chain saw running.

I have been thinking on all this stuff for an hour already and am ready for a short break.Mabe even a chocolate donut or two chased by a bud lite seems like a good way get the morning started.

Happy Spring Everyone

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Happy Spring to you too Frank. Gotta love those projects! You should see the list I made last night. It's a gorgeous day here in Michigan also. I filled all the bird feeders yesterday but we have a deal that they eat here and poop next door. :lol:

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Happy spring to you and all too Frank.. It is a sunny day here in Western Washington. It will get into the low 60s today. I have been staying with my son and his family while I take my treatments. It is almost like a vacation. I take my camera with me when I go to the cancer center and take pciturs of all the interesting sites in the big city. I will go for a walk today and take more pictures.

Don M

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Hi Frank,

Happy spring to you also. Joel just made me an extra dry Martini and I am feeling pretty good. :D

Right now it is raining really hard but that will make the flowers grow :D along,unfortunately, with the grass. :shock:

But Wed. and Thurs was absolutely georgeous. A good day to be alive day! Of course any day certainly is, but just the feeling the sun on your face and breathing that fresh air is priceless!

This is one of the reasons I enjoy living in the EAST. The changes of the weather is absolutely beautiful.

Bottoms up, enjoy yor Bud light and donut. :D

Maryanne :wink::wink::wink: hic, cup :roll: oops sorry

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Hi Frank

Too bad you don't live in Beautiful B.C. where spring comes earlier and some of those spring jobs are already done.. The deck has already been scrubbed, some of the lawn furniture is out, the lawn has been mowed and the tulips and daffodils are in full bloom. Some of the cherry trees have already blossomed too.

It's a gorgeous sunny day here too and I love looking at the spring green color too. Enjoying my glass of wine as well but it's 5:30 PM!!!

Take care and enjoy.

Gail p-m

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Happy Spring to you too Frank. It was really pretty here in Alabama today as well. Thank goodness it cooled off a little and the high was in the high 70's here. Chuck has been mowing, planting and cleaning all day. I went to the grocery store and got a trunk load of things we were out of and made potato salad for tomorrow.

Enjoy your "breakfast" and think about getting a neighbor to come over for a beer and mention that you have a long list of "to do" things. Maybe he will pitch in.

Have a great day tomorrow as well.


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Noooo, Frank, do not, I repeat, do not mention a "to-do" list to a neighbor. I just did that to a new potential significant other since he SAID he liked to do handy jobs, and all of a sudden he got real sick and moved back to Baltimore! So, I built my steps off my back porch by myself this weekend. It was beautiful here in middle Tennessee. Took my little red car out for a spin or two.

Breathe all that fresh air folks: BREATHE DEEP!

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Happy Spring, but unhappy about the To-Do lists :cry:

It was a beautiful weekend in WI too, but didn't get too much of a chance to enjoy it. Like you Frank, our to-do list is long. And since Keith is now incapacitated it is all up to me. I need to learn how to start and operate the lawn mower (I've never mowed a lawn before), I had to change a light fixture in our kitchen ceiling yesterday that shorted out, plus we are preparing to sell our house and Keith created a 2 page list of things that need to be fixed or built prior to that. It is all so overwhelming as I've never been handy. Now I have to do all the things I used to do and all the million + things Keith did. Whew it's enough to make me grab a bud lite and a case of chocolate donuts. :roll:

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I didn't even realize that you were a fellow PA person. No wonder you love those Steelers.

I'm also from PA... except I'm right in the middle of the state. Good ole PENN STATE country.

It was definately an interesting weekend here in PA. From the rain on Sat to the beautiful Sun on Sunday. The green is all around us. I'm hoping for some sunshine this saturday. Heading up to Pitt for a pirates game. I can take a little cold but I can't handle sitting in the rain. I'm praying for blue skies!!


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