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Midwest Weather - another week


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Yesterday was a pretty normal Saturday around here. I was in a neighboring town and headed home watching an upcoming storm. I mentioned to the person I was with that it looked like it was right over my house. We had a few sprinkles on the windshield, yet it wasn't actually raining. We watched cloud-to-cloud lightning and some cloud-to-ground and pulled into the garage and "safety".

Having been in the car and hearing water, first place I headed to was the bathroom - walking through the living room, the entire house lit up and the thunder hit immediately. I yelled to Mark to check on his son who had just went outside to walk a puppy with a smaller bladder...

Son and dog were fine - but ten minutes later, my mother called me and was breathless. All she could really spit out was "you need to come down here" - they live next door, the living room side of my house.

How close was that lightning? About 100 yards from my house. This is my parents' garage:


This tree is right next to the driveway - it EXPLODED, shooting wood pieces everywhere, a mere five minutes after my nephews rode out of the driveway on their bicycles:


Two-thirds of the tree is missing, shredded from the base and peeling like a banana - this tree was close to 60 feet tall.


You can see there's wood on the roof of the garage - there's siding damage, as well. What you can't see are the branches behind the garage and the giant "lawn darts" in the front yard.


Always something exciting going on for the country folk... Five years ago, the centuries old oak tree in the field behind this house was struck by lightning - it happened while my mother was looking at it. This time, she didn't see the strike, just wood flying everywhere past the living room windows. What's funny is that I was telling the person with me the story of that lightning strike on the way home and then THIS happened. Cheap foreshadowing for a TV movie...

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Thank goodness everyone is OK. I am starting to wonder about you, gal.....elevator incident, now this (and I swear there is another thing or two that memory isn't being kind to me at the moment about you)...

That's enough excitement, don't you think?


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