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This is a strange situation to be in. I have survived SCLC for four years now. All the writing has indicated that only 25 percent of these folks survive more that 5 years. It makes me wonder and worry will I make it to five years. As much as it sounds good.


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Good News, Joanie!

According to Geri and Don, you are cured. Go ahead and ask them. Go ahead! I dare you!

I think they said that with SCLC if you survive to 3 years without recurrence, you are not only NED, but you are CURED!!!

When's the party? Where's the party?

I'm sure to be there, if not just head it up!

love ya, Joanie!

Cindi o'h

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You didn't ask me but I'm answering anyway........YES according to my oncologist we're cured! Anything that comes now will be a new one and as such much easier to treat.

Hard to believe though isn't it? I still have times that I can't get my head around it.

For me the best and the hardest words to say can be "I HAD lung cancer". Putting the past tense on that very simple sentence give it a whole different meaning and trigger some very strange emotions.

Maybe it's just the enormity of our success against the enemy, that takes so many people, that makes it so hard to believe. But believe it we must ....cause we made it!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 5 year mark is such a huge milestone isn't it, I have 6 months to go and I have to say I haven't looked forward to Christmas this much since I was a kid.

I've rambled on here Joanie and I hope this makes you feel less alone in your concerns about survivorship. I'm not far ahead of you so may I join you in your march onwards through this quagmire of emotions attached to this blasted disease.

I think that LC has done enough damage to our bodies that we don't have to let it take over our emotions too, soooooooo once November comes I shall no longer worry about LC ~~~~~~~YEAH RIGHT!! That sounded very sure and positive didn't it and I will try, honest!

Take care fellow cured person,


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I see no reason why you are not included in that 25% of survivors. I am sure the other people in that 25% have a lot of anxiety also.

I try so hard to remain positive and not dwell on statistics. Sometimes they get the best of me. Last month I had to get medication for high blood pressure which I have never had in my life. I am coming up on my first year since my surgery, then 2, then 5. I am going to try and not stress about it. I feel that I will be successful and so are you.

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You know someone has to be in that 25% group and I'm thinking that you and Geri are pretty much there!

Although I don't have as much time as you under my belt Joanie, I certainly understand both your doubt and sense of amazement that you are making it.

We have sat around and lost some really good people on this board. Now it's time to keep some- you are going to make it Joanie.. you are going to triumph.

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Hey Joanie!!!!

4 years.........what a milestone! Will you make 5????? Who knows if ANYONE will ~ cancer or NOT! I remember Snowflake mentioning that she wasted 2 whole years worrying!!!!! I've wasted time too ~~ not quite 2 years ~~ but close! And for WHAT? To look back and realize I did not enjoy those years of life because I was too worried about the years to come!

It is EASY for me to say, Joanie, I have a hard time sometimes myself. But you've made 4 years. I would think the stats are stacked way high in your favor. Spend your time figuring out how you are going to LIVE your days! I try to do that...............and you know what? Sometimes I actually do forget about the years ahead of me! You are a survivor, Joanie! Live life to the fullest and come around next year so we can discuss the NEXT 5 years :wink: !



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