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Hi again...


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Been away for awhile,(emotionally), this is my first post for quite awhile. Guess I just needed a break so I could forget my probs...go into denial for awhile. heh

But doin ok, and had to get back to reality. Missed the chatter too...

Like Debi and others, Im goin on 2 yrs., since surgery. Had a number of scans this year...all are clear so far. Just workin on the shortness of breath and back pain still. Making some progress on the back pain. (Would u believe a chiropractor has helped much more than any of those hi-powered docs?) Yep...

Ill try to post more often now...sorry I was on extended "vacation". Take care...Rich B.

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Glad to hear you are doing well. Are you coming back for a party on the 2 year past surgery date? We love to celebrate those survival parties.

Donna G

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I am glad you are here! Is it ok to ask where you are from in South Dakota. We live in Brookings, and my dad is getting treated at Mayo...going well so far....have had good recommendations for Dr. Huber in SF...any info on him???

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Hi; thanx all. ztweb; no, sorry I dont know anything about Mayo clinic...I had surgery in Aberdeen, live nearby. Didnt have any special needs, so it was adequate for me. Good luck to you too.

Yea, sorry to those who worried about my absence...just hadda take a break. Thanx for your caring concern tho.

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Hey Rich!!!!

I wondered about you quite a lot!!! I was almost afraid to think where you were. So, next time, how about giving us a heads up if you are going to take a break, okay? Glad you are BACK, Rich. Glad you are doing well too!!!!! Now.................what's new, man? It's been a long time!


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