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Thomas Parkinson's Obituary


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Hello my LChelp family. We put my beloved husband to rest yesterday, May 27, 2006. The funeral service was so beautiful. My heart is still bleeding but I trust God will heal in his time.

Attached copy of Thomas's Obituary and link to his guest book. Please feel free to sign the guuest book.

http://www.legacy.com/insidebayarea/Gue ... D=17875238

***DELETED by the request of the author***

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WOW!! That is so very special I think. Was a very inspirational Man it sounds Like. THank You for sharing that. God Bless and watch over you and the rest of the Family in this time of need. Sending Prayers.

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What a legacy Thomas leaves. He was quite remarkable. May all those wonderful characteristics that made Thomas ~ Thomas remain with you to help ease the void left in your life. And may so many wonderdful memories just fill you up. Thinking of you, Malou.


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Hello my LCSC family. I am still not well emotionally but would like to let every single one of you that I could not have made it this far without you all. It was heart a wrenching battle watching my husband going down every day. I know the day was coming when he will be called by our Master Planner, but I never excepted it to be this soon. His last hour was too painful to watch. He was grasping for wind and was put on bi pap machine, I finally ordered to put him in respirator but he did not even make it. His time on earth was up. I thank every single one of you and pray every single minute that God will take this disease on the face of the earth. I love you all.

God Bless.


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My heart breaks for you Maylou. His obit was absolutely beatiful. I could see how special he was to so many in his large family.

Prayers are sent to you for strength to get through all these hard time. Just want you to know that I think of you and pray time will help you heal.

Maryanne :cry:

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