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Why---Why do you believe in life after death


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Please. This is an honest request. I've always struggled with my faith. But Mom's illness, among other things, has prompted an even greater struggle. I'd like to believe that there is a great place that we will all find after death. That death is just a passage into a greater brighter place. But I don't think I believe that. And that terrifies me. What if when we die, there is nothing?

Thanks for listening! And thanks in advance for any thoughts and experiences you can share.


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I too struggle with whether there is life after death, especially now that I've been diagnosed with lung cancer. I wasn't raised in any religion. Some things that happened right after my father's death 2 years ago gave me some comfort. My dad was an electronics tech-he was just nuts aout anything electronic. A clock alarm that had never gone off or been touched went off in the middle of the night. Also, a man he worked with 30 years before and had lost touch with all that time found my brother's phone number and called him in an attempt to look up my father.

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I became a true believer when my best friend's husband passed away a year ago. My friend asked her husband to send her a shooting star, so that she would know he was alright. Every night for 3 nights she would go outside looking for the star, but she never saw it. To make a long story short, here's what happened. In the middle of everything that was happening, she had a small flood in her master bathroom. She need to replace the carpet in her bedroom. When the carpet installer showed up, he handed her a board with difference carpet samples on it. She was looking them over and her thumb was constantly rubbing on square in the corner. She looked down to it and it's name was "Shooting Star". It wasn't one of the better looking choices, but she decided that that was his message to her. So now she has her pleasure of walking over him everyday.

While she was dealing with this she had read several books. I read a few and I highly recommend this one. "Talking to Heaven: A Mediums Message of Life After Death" by James Van Praagh. It has truely made me a believer and I hope it will do the same for you.

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I can't imagine that anyone would be upset with you for asking a question that most of us have asked at least once in our lives.

I'm in my late 40s, and I'm curious about a lot of things, and "How we came to be?", along with "What happens to us when our bodies die?" have always been at the top of my personal "What's this about?" list.

I've attended different religious services over the years. I've read a bit on human history- the way we have behaved towards ourselves, and each other through the ages. I've skirted the subject of psychic possibility, and I've dabbled in the sciences...evolution Vs creation. And the more I learned the more I questioned. And the more I questioned the more I learned. As a child I believed in God without question; Creation. As time passed I asked questions and came to believe, as a young adult, in Evolution. As time passed I asked more questions, and came to believe that the theories of Evolution and Creation do not exclude each other. The more I learned the more I became convinced that this world and all in it didn't just "happen".

Having a near death experience didn't hurt matters, either. It let me know that when my body died for a very short time, I was cognizant of the fact, at the time it was happening.

Keep asking questions. If you keep asking, and you are sincere in your search, you will receive answers.

Best wishes,

Fay A.

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I absolutely believe there is life after death in Heaven. If there wasnt, what purpose would there be to this life we live now? We live our lives the best way we can, if we fall, we pick ourselves up and try again. Our reward is Heaven. A life free of pain and suffering and a reuniting with the ones we love. Christ paved the way, we earn it by doing the best we can to make this world a better place in our own small way.

When my grandmother was dying 10 years ago, she shared with us many beautiful things she was seeing as she was passing on. It was absolutely beautiful.

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I have always believed in life after death. Why? Because I believe the Bible. If you believe that the Bible is the inherent word of God, it then becomes the authority on which you base all your beliefs, standards and morals. I could quote scripture after scripture which promises that we, as humans, will have eternal life (in one place or another) but if you don't believe the Bible is 100% believable...then it makes no difference.

But I can tell you this. If there is no life after death....and there is NOTHING but unconsciousness...what does it matter to those that have left their bodies? They would simply cease to exist. Doesn't that seem like a big futile waste of energy? What would be the point in our existance in the first place? It would be a big meaningless cosmic joke. I believe our intelligence, our minds, our personalities are patterned after someone. We just didn't "happen"...we are far too complex to be a freak of nature.

I asked Mike to try to "communicate" with me after he left this plane...and he did. Twice...with witnesses. And Mike didn't even believe in that! He believed that when you died you went to heaven and you left this "planet" and there is no communication. I think Mike was proven wrong and he wanted to let me know.

And - yes - I believe Christ paved the way....but I believe we don't "earn" heaven - it is a free gift...all we have to do is trust in Him. If we had to earn it....you could miss heaven by two points! God is just...He gives EVERYONE an equal playing field. All we have to do is accept the gift.

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I have struggled with this myself over the last seven months. I know that I don't believe in the God who appears to live in the churches I have attended over the year. I have'nt come up with a better way to say it than this: I think God is bigger than churches. I don't think God cares about at least half the stuff that goes on in church, or at least my experience of church. I find myself angry a lot at things people say about God--for example, I can't stand it when athletes say, in the post-game interview, things like, "All the glory goes to God for making me able to score the game-winning pont." I want to ask them if they really believe in a God who is more concerned about the outcome of professional sports games than about whether my daughter grows up with a mother.

I was going through some old CD's recently and came across one I hadn't listened to for a while. One of the songs talks about facing mortality and says, "Somebody tell me please.. that life is eternal and love is immortal and death is only a horizon." It makes me cry everytime, like she is talking to me.


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Hi Amy,

I have told this before but will tell it again.

My mom passed through this earth 8/3/72 and my dad passed 11/4/73. Both with lc. The day my dad was dying, he looked at me and told me he was dying. I thought he meant that he knew there was no hope and that he was going to die from cancer. He said that mom was waiting for him and they would be together and that I should not be sad. (i am crying right now telling you this for it feels just like it is 30 years ago right now).I have to stop and whip away the tears for a minute. Onward....Later that night, he passed away in his sleep. He was suppose to have two more months to live. that is what the drs told me just 3 days before. But you see, he was ready and wanted to be with mom....

I am a great believer that there is a place called Rainbow Bridge, it looks something like a picture i had when i was a child. It hung between my sister's and my bed. That same picture is still being sold today. It has an Angel and two small children standing on this beautiful foot bridge in paradise. That is where we will all meet, my husband, myself, my family, bother, sister, mom, dad, grandparents, animals, my spouse's family, and we will all enter into enternal life in heaven together. That is what I believe........

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Well everyone else is putting their beliefs here so I will too.

I know that God created this world and that His Son was with Him when He did it. I know that Jesus was born and was the Messiah who was foretold of for hundreds of years. I know that Jesus took ALL the sins upon Himself at the cross and they died with Him that day. Three days later He rose from the dead and was ALIVE. NO other 'religion' has a 'savior' who has come back to life and seen by hundreds afterwards. He ministered to His following at that time and on the day He returned to Heaven He stated he was going to prepare a place for US. All we had to do is to believe in who He is and be baptised . It is life changing ordeal. I know that my life has meaning here. I know that God had a plan for me and that I am fulfilling it now. I don't have a big TV show to preach this and am not a famous person BUT my life has helped others. I try to live the life that Jesus wanted me to. I pray that others out there will be able to understand this truth and have the peace I have. I was only given a few months with treatment back in 2/2001. I am still here telling others that God is not finished with me yet so I am still hanging around. :D I know I will see my mother and grandparents and the baby I miscarried so many years ago. I know where I will be after I leave this home for a permanent home.

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There is death after life and life after death...How do I know there is a God...because I have looked into the eyes of my newborn children and into the eyes of my dying grandmother and grandfather before each of them passed..those experiences alleviated all my doubts....just stop and listen to the silence for a moment...in that moment you will feel God's presence for he is always there....in my times of greatest pain when I felt I could take on no more...I have stopped and listened to the silence...in it I felt God's strength helping me to continue on......I now look into my Father's eyes knowing what may lie ahead for him and my family...I see in his eyes the soul of a man who now knows God..who once was an alcoholic and materialistic..but who is now humbled by the sight of his grandchildren and no longer owns anything...who now understand the meaning of life and of God...at a time when he knows his ultimate destiny is an untimely death....How do I know there is life after death and there is a God? Because I have stopped in the silence and allowed myself to feel God's presence....because when I could no longer go on...he carried me forward until I could....Cancer is not of God...but the unity and love that is experienced in the battle against it is...why then does God "allow" Cancer to be part of our lives....I don't think it is God who "allows" it.....but it is God who enables us to endure it as a family and fight the battle....may God bless you and keep you..and may you be still and know that he is God...

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  • 2 months later...

I know that I am replying to a post that is a couple of months old so I am not sure that anyone will read it. I do believe there is life after death of the body. At first I thought it was just because I needed to believe so badly. Sometimes still when the pain gets so bad I find myself questioning the experiences that I have been fortunate enough to have.

I have always believed in God. How could anyone look at a child or a tree or a mountain and believe anything else. Surely no one believes that man could create such wonders!

After Johnny died I went home to spend the night in our apartment alone. It was one of the hardest things I had ever done but I knew that if I didn't do it I would never set foot there again. He was everywhere but he was not there. I was in so much pain that I thought I would lose my mind. I prayed and I asked God and I begged Johnny to let me know that he is alright, not sick or afraid anymore. I thought my heart would burst with the pain and the need.. Wanting to feel close to him I took out his wallet and while looking for the lock of hair I had sent him earlier I happend to look behind a picture he had of me. When we had first gotten back in contact with each other after over 40 years I had written a poem and sent it to him. I had forgotten that he told me he loved it so much that he would always carry it with him. When I took it out to read it it was as if Johnny were there giving me my own words telling me that he will always be with me. the next morning I looked for the poem but it was gone. I searched everywhere looking for it even in the file cabinet and the garbage but it was no where to be found. On New Years eve as I was putting some of his personal things away I again got to the point that I thought I would go mad with grief and pain. I thought that if I looked at his old hospital and docter statements from medicare that I might see how much money they were losing by accepting only what medicare paid. I thought that might explain why they were so eager to let him die or I should say help him die.Anyway there in the middle of those papers that I had not been in in months was the poem open and faced up. Once again my own words telling me that he will always be with me.

After that day so many things happened when I needed them the most. The night I went to his son's house and saw his remains in that damn cardboard box instead of a urn I thought I had taken all that I could. On the way home on my car radio for the first time I heard the song " I believe" What could be more of a sign then that? So many more things but it would take hours for me to write them and you would probably all think I have lost my mind. I will just say that like in the words of that song "every now and then as soft as breath upon my skin I feel him come back again and I believe"!!!!!!!!!!!!

The poem I wrote for Johnny and found in his wallet and papers when I needed it so desperately.

I'll Be There

In the early hours of morning as nature for a new day does prepare

Close your eyes and think of me and I'll be there

When you walk beside the sea and the wind blows on your face

Think of the one who loves you in a far off distant place

When Spring begins in earnest all the world to renew

I'll share in the beauty as I walk beside you

In the warm soft days of summer as gentle breezes softly blow

Think of all the love we shared in a time so long ago

In the lazy days of autum with their colors red and gold

Think of a love that has never grown old

In the cold brisk days of winter when the sun the clouds do hide

I'll be there to warm you , I am always by your side

I pray that when the years have passed and this life grows to an end

There will be a new life to share our love again

Written for Johnny in 2001 Lillian BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!

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I too am a firm believer in God and in life after death. My Mother passed away in 1987 and they "brought her back". She was SOOOOOOOO angry when she woke up that they had done that. She said she had been with her Father and Mother and did NOT want to come back. She lived until October of 1992 and even though we were all glad of having the extra time with her, she was always unhappy that the Dr's. had "saved" her. She had a DNR order in place when she finally passed away and I must admit, it was easier for all of us to let her go knowing that it was what she wanted.

I know that when my time comes, I will be with her again because I do believe in the Bible and that Jesus died for my sins. I can never repay him for that but I can do the best job possible of living the life I have been given.

Each day we have is a gift from God.

God Bless each of you.


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  • 2 weeks later...

I have had the strangest day today. Last night was my last night at a job that I love but felt that I could not continue for now. Too hard both physically and emotionally for this time in my life. Sense my niece moved about a month ago I had struggled with the decision to follow her up north. Then I got really sick with that new flu and a stomache virus at the same time. I got scared being here alone with no one to call on. I felt that was my sign that it is time for me to move on.

I will be leaving here on Tuesday to move to a small mountain town not far from Redding called French Gulch. I am looking forward to it but still I have been so aprahensive. It is hard to pick up and move again not knowing for sure what is waiting for me.

I left home this morning with a list of things to do. It should have taken me all day but I got finished in just a few hours. Everything just seemed to go perfectly. I felt as if I had some one guiding me through the crowds and clearing the way for me. It was as if my needs were seen and then I was helped with them.

While driving words started in my head. Those words just would not leave me alone. I did everything that I had to do but I did it with those words running through my mind constantly. In the past I have written poems and after they are finished I look at them and think "did those really come from me?" It is as if they are someone elses words and I am being used to get them down. I felt like the way was being cleared for me to get home and write this poem. I can't pretend to know why but thought I would share it with all of you. Maybe you can make sense of it.

I hope this is not a sign that I am really losing it. At any rate much of my aprehention is gone. I am ready for the move now. I know it is a place of exteme natural beauty. A place that Johnny would feel at home as well as myself. I am hoping it is where I will be able to find a little peace and a direction for the rest of my life. Thanks for bearing with me. I know sometimes my words seem just too extreme. I just don't know how to control that part of myself. Lillian


Fate is no lady with soft gentle ways

She's a teaser a temptress with the games that she plays

She will give you a love filled with beauty so rare

Then leave you alone with never a care

She is jealous and angry bad to the core

She gives you a little then offers more

She never continues to add to your hope

Just dashes your dreams and leaves you to cope

But fate has a lesson she neets yet to learn

God has the answer when to Him we do turn

Life may be fickle and Fate may be cruel

Love is eternal, in the end it does rule

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I believe in life after death now more than ever in my life. I have always believed the teachings of the Bible and was raised to believe there was certainly a God and also a heaven. There have been many times in my life that my faith has waived and I have questioned many things I was taught to believe. During Dennis's illness, I questioned everything. I knew I had to believe in God, but wondered what kind of God could do this to my family. I bargained with God. I tried to "deal" with Him and make promises if He would only grant me one miracle and heal Dennis. I begged him to take me and spare Dennis. Of course, God had his own plan, which I still don't understand. Now...about life after death. I know that Dennis is "alive" somewhere. There have been so many times I have been able to feel his presence. At times, I believe I can even look in the area of the room where he is. There are times when I am driving in the car I know he is there with me. Many of you will think I'm "over the edge" but the things I am saying are true! There have been occasions where an actual unseen physical presence has been here in my house. I had gone to the car one day and when I got outside I realized I had forgotten something. I unlocked the door, walked into the house and Dennis's chair was rocking away! It stopped as soon as I entered the room. My friend and I were here wrapping Christmas presents night before last. We were chatting away and all of a sudden the piano began playing...not a melody...just keys being hit. We both heard this. The piano was in a room with the door closed. So...I believe! Some of you may not agree with nor believe such things can happen. Neither did I until I experienced them first hand.

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Hi Ann

I for one don't think you are losing it. I have had so many experiences sense Johnny died that I started writing them down. A lot of them were things that at first I told myself that I was doing without knowing. Then the experiences got stronger and harder to explain away. Others started seeing and experiencing things with me. At times I tell myself that they were not real because I need to believe so badly that I am afraid that I am wrong. There are times too when I have to admit that I hope that if I do start doubting he will send me another sign. My doubts are just pleas for him to confirm my beliefs again.

I stayed in Washington alone for 4 months. I knew that sooner or later I would have to leave there. I was just so alone. Making the decision was just so hard that I kept putting it off. Finally when I made that decision I was very upset. I felt that I was leaving our home and the beautiful life we had together. I felt like I was deserting him. I asked him if he approved of my decision. I asked for signs from him to tell me if he approved and would come with me. I mentioned 3 things. Two that were special to us , a rooster crowing or a donkey braying or to see a robin. The robin was because I had only seen one in the months I lived there. I waited but never had any of the signs. I was very down and depressed.

On one occasion when I was wondering what scent I would associate with him I got the strongest smell of coffee brewing. I knew that he had quit smoking and that he could not wear cologne because the smell caused him to lose his breath. He always had a cup of coffee in his hand.

In the truck on the way to California 3 times in the middle of nowhere my nephew first then I smelled coffee brewing.. We had no coffee in the truck and there was nothing outside of the truck to explain the smell. I just said "HI Johnny".

When we stopped over for 2 nights in Sunnyvale I stayed with my sister-in-law. Sunnyvale is in the heart of the Santa Clara Valley, what is now known as the silicon valley. It is very urban. On the second morning there I was in the bathroom when I heard a rooster crow. I found out later that there was one at one of the neighbors houses. To me that was the answer to my request to Johnny. He was letting me know that he approved of my move and would still be with me.

These are just a very few of the things that have happened. Some were much more intense. I have no doubts that there is only death of the body. I believe that the soul and spitit live on. We may not be able to see them all of the time but they are always near. They watch and give us support and strength but they don't often interfer. We have to live out our own lives. I believe they lead us in the direction we need to go. We just have to make the final decisions ourselves.

We often miss the signs because we expect them to be something too obvious. We just have to be more open and not look for them all of the time. I am guilty of that lately so I do not see as much as I want to but still I know that my Johnny is always with me. Lillian

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I believe in life after death (or SOMETHING after death) because:

My gramma told a story of a near-death experience (her family was in a buggy that was struck by lightning) and she has ALWAYS been one to speak her mind. Gramma is an honest woman and you always know what she thinks for she shares it with you (good, bad or indifferent). I appreciate and respect that in a person...

...and the BIG reason is because her husband died this year (my beloved Grampa). For my hubby's birthday, I took him to see a medium because he was curious...and the first person "in line" to talk was NOT his family, but my Grampa to communicate with me. Grampa died of old age and cancer, and wanted me to know that he was doing well and could SEE my gramma (he's been legally blind for over 15 years). The medium said he was a very WARM, loving essence, and my grampa always was that, not a religious man, but a Godly man. He didn't go to church weekly, but lived it far more than some of the "religious" people I know.

I believe, and it makes some things easier to deal with, knowing that when all is said and done, my Grampa will be there, waiting, with open arms....just like he always was when I visited at their home.

Sappy, huh? I'm currently hoping a palm reader in New Orleans that told me I'd live to be 97 was right on the money.... :wink:


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I believe in life after death, because I believe the bible is the inspired word of God.

In it, there is a clear prophesy of a Messiah. That He would come and save the world from death. That prophecy was fullfilled almost 2000 years ago in the personhood of Jesus Christ.

He was God encarnate, he lived amoung us and fullfilled the prohesy of the old testament when he died on the cross, and then conquered death forever by rising from the grave on the third day and ascending to the right hand of the Father.

All time now reflects this event (the very marking of time itself (BC/AD). The growth of the church has never been surpassed in all of history.

He is the Messiah, and all that is required to gain salvation, is to simply admit that we are sinners, repent of our sins, ask for His free gift of salvation (in sincerity). Then, although this is not a requirement - you will want to follow His will for your life.

It is through His grace, and NOTHING that we can do for ourselves (it terms of living "a good life" ) that saves us. Only through His grace, and free gift.

But we as humans have to put aside our pride and ask Him into our lives, and make Him our personal Savior-- and follow His will for us, not our own.

Cindy stated it much more eloquently than, I. But that is what I believe. And I am certain, I will one day be in heaven forever due to His grace and His sacrifice.

Acts 4:12

"Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved."

2 Chorinthians 6:2

"Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation"


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