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Hi. My name is Susan and my father was dx with stage IV nsclc on April 24, 2006. On May 8th we found out that he had mets to the liver (1 2cm & 1 3cm lesion), adrenal glands and brain (8cm total). I have 101 questions and hope to find some answers here.

Dad has already been through 20 daily whole-brain radiation treatments and 2 "site only blasts". He also just completed his first round of chemo (3 sessions spaced 3 wks apart). He goes for a CT scan on Friday to look at his lungs, adrenal and liver and another in 2 weeks to look at the brain.

I'm confused, scared and praying for a miracle.

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Hi Susan: it sounds like your dad has had an aggressive first course of treament. I hope the scan results show shrinkage. If your dad is otherwise healthy and has a good attidude, he could hold the cancer at bay for years.

Don M

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Hello Susan and welcome.

I am sorry to hear about your father, but very glad you found this site.

Please know that there are so many knowledgeable and caring people here that will be willing and able to answer your questions and help you along this journey. The support and care you will find here is just amazing!

Let us know what we can do to help you. Keep us posted,

Sending prayers and positive thoughts to you and your family,


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Read survivors and Test time forums for inspiration and good news forum also. We have a lot of survivors and Caregiver survivors here. this is a link to American Cancer Society Home page. Great starting place for newly diagnosed and seeking treatment answers in addition to what we can do to help you out. We are like The Hotel 6 we always leave the light on for ya when ya need us. Click on link below for ACS;


Sending prayers and keep us informed of everything.

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Praying along with you Susan. Praying for shrinkage.

Hang in there and keep a positive attitude even though I know how scared and confused you are. There are many treatments out there, hopefully this one will work for you dad.

WE are always here for you for support or questions. We have all walked in your shoes. I am sorry you and your dad are going through this difficult time.


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