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Another Dip in the Rollercoaster

Tom K

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An MRI was done on my chest and abdomen this past Wednesday. It showed “abnormal” tissue in the upper right chest where the lobectomy was performed. That same area had an SUV of 3.4 on the recent PET. The report states it could be Lymphangitic spread of the Cancer or related to previous radiation treatments. The MRI also showed 2 lesions on the “dome” of my liver. One was 8mm the other 1cm. That area of the liver had an SUV of 4.1 on the PET. Both lesions became enhanced under contrast, which according to the radiologist is indicative of cancer. My Onc still maintains it would be “highly unusual for NSCLC to metastasis this quickly after completing a first line chemo treatment” He also mentioned my blood tests show liver function was normal. He is taking my case to the Tumor Board on Friday to consider options for biopsies of both areas and possible treatment protocols. He promised to call me Friday morning after the board has met. So for now, I am just waiting and trying to maintain that positive attitude. I am sure I’ll feel better once we have a plan ready.

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hi Tom.

I am still in agreement with your doctor. I hope he gets some strong opinions from the members. Whatever is going on with you, do try to put it out of your mind. I remember going though situations very similar to yours. I would sit and think about it and drive myself batty until I realized I had done everything in my power to "do".

No doubt, the waiting is the hardest part. Please try to distract your mind the best you can now with a strong hobby or interest. For me, it was fishing and communion with God. Hang in there, Tom, you will get through this!

Cindi o'h

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Hi Tom,

I would definitely get these areas biopsied. My first lc was nsclc and had my upper left lobe removed. 4 years later, a lung resection and biopsy confirmed sclc in the same lung. They tell me that is rare, but I sure would want to find out for sure.

I am scheduled for surgery on Monday, there is another tumor and they have to biopsy it to know how to treat it (treatments for nsc and sc are totally different).

I would check it out - it is rare, but it happens.

Best of luck to you. Take care,

Nancy B

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The waiting and how much is unknown - why some patients have a and others b - it seems there is no rhyme or reason. No one can even say what is "normal" in this terribly abnormal situation. Hang in there and best wishes.


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Dear Tom,

Alan and I know what you are going through and the

waiting is the worst. Alan has a new mass in his upper right lung,

then his Pet Scan came back negative, Alan's oncologist is scheduling a biopsy.

Please try and hang in there. Lets hope the Tumor board comes up with a good game plan.

Keep us updated.

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Thank you everybody for the advice and concern. According to my Onc the tumor board recommended a CT be done which will give them more anatomical information to make a determination as to whether or not a biopsy is needed. The CT is scheduled for Monday morning and the decision on a biopsy will be made before lunch. The dome of the liver is difficult to reach, so if a biopsy is needed, a surgeon has been engaged that can do it with laparoscopic surgery. If the biopsy is positive, the lesions will be treated with RFA. While I still do not have all the answers, it feels good knowing we have a game plan. It also feels very good knowing there are people out there that truly understand. I am a serious “type A” personality and has Cindi said, I have been driving myself batty with worry. Thank you all so much for the support.

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