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As I have shared before, my dad was supposed to start Tarceva last week, but he passed the day before the drug arrived. He had gotten a grant to pay for the drug so it was costing my mother and father nothing. Well, the night before my father passed away, his oncologist called. My father was unable to swallow at that point, so my mother asked what we should do with the Tarceva when it came in. The oncologist said to bring it to him, and he is going to give it to another family who cannot afford the treatment as it is so expensive. What was once my father's hope is now going to give hope to another family. I am so happy to know that we will be able to share that hope with someone else. My Daddy would be so proud.

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Hi Jen,

That is what your dad would have wanted. I am so glad the his doctor did that because I know many would not.

I pray this helps a person who desparately needs it.

Thanks for sharing that. You dad would be proud.

Maryanne :wink:

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