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Good News and some More Good News


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The first good news is that Lisa gets another chance to heal with an change in treatment from Gemzar/Carbo to Tarceva. She's already feeling much better after 7 days on treatment.

Driven by a sence of urgency triggered the fact that her insurance RX annual maxed out with the first 2 weeks of pills, I started making calls to Tarceva Genentech.

More good news. Genentech called today to say that she qualified to receive all her Tarceva 150 RX compliments of Genentech once a month via FedEx.

Needless to say I'm left breathless to be able to help her and still be able to pay the bills, have food on the table, and have something left over when she survives this ordeal. Pray that it works for her.

Take care of all our friends here - happily - Chuck

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Glad to hear all is going well right now. Genentech seems fo be doing a lot for many members now in that dept. Prayers always.

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